MCC Chamber of Commerce & Industry Communique on withdrawal of ABG from Haldia

We understand that ABG has requested Haldia Dock Authorities to release them from the contract obligations, as they are no more interested in working because of security threats. This is shocking for the industry as well as import & export trade.

ABG has been offering efficient and seamless services at lower cost and shorter time-span, for over a year, with their highly mechanised cranes, compared to other service providers who are operating manually. If ABG leaves Haldia, the Port is bound to lose business, as bigger Cargo ships will be heading for other near-by ports where mechanised loading-unloading is available, to save on costs and time and enable quicker turn-around of foreign ships. In turn, growth-process of the State is bound to suffer a setback. The State’s image also as ‘anti-mechanisation state’ will pull down its growth potential considerably.

I would appeal to the Haldia Dock Authorities, Industry Minister and Chief Minister of the State to consider this issue from its long- term impact and perception of investors and take a decision in the interest of faster economic growth of West Bengal .

Deepak Jalan


MCC Chamber of Commerce & Industry