maui-jim-logoNew Delhi, May 2015 : Are your sunglasses wearing you down with their chunky frames and heavy lenses? This summer, Maui Jim lets you strut your stuff in a new ultra-light design – Frigate, that provides solid protection against the summer glare and UV radiation while making you feel as light as a bird!


Named after a seabird, Maui Jim’s latest offering is a new rimless style for men and women that makes a polished eyewear statement as a result of its simplicity and superior engineering.


Just as frigate birds are known for the beauty of their long wingspans, Maui Jim’s new Frigate sunglasses offer a sleek stretch across wider faces. With a generous eye size of 65mm and an 8-base curvature, these PolarizedPlus2 sunglasses wrap your eyes in protection to eliminate glare, make colors pop and bring your world to life. The lenses offer the added protection of bi-gradient mirrors.

The rugged and light-weight frame material makes Frigate one of the most comfortable eye wear cool enough for daily wear.Frigate would work well for people with a sporty and cool style, offering a trendy look to your daily casual activities. Frigate is a modern style frame crafted for engaging in sports or any laid back activity. Its disc hinge allows for Frigate’s thin temples to fit perfectly around the face, giving the wearer the highest performing optics available.

Unique to the beta-titanium design is uber-thin nose bridges and colorful, rubber-sheathed temples with distinctive disk hinges that make this style stand out from ordinary metal frames. Your comfort is further extended by the rubber-padded, adjustable nose bridges for the longest days in the sun. Beta Titanium is an alloy of several metals. It is made up of titanium, vanadium, and aluminum. It is lightweight, nickel free, hypoallergenic, comfortable, durable, and flexible.

Don’t let the thin, lightweight nature of these designs fool you. The MauiPure™ lenses are the world’s clearest non-glass lenses that are also scratch- and impact-resistant. The lenses have waterproof and oleophobic coatings to shed water and repel grease and smudges. All Maui Jim lenses are distinguished by the company’s patented nine-layer PolarizedPlus2® technology that cuts 100 percent of UV rays and 99.9 percent of glare from above, below and behind each lens.

Maui Jim is the only company to use three rare earth elements and other treatments to white-balance its lenses, resulting in true color vibrancy. PolarizedPlus2 technology also increases definition and depth perception.


All Maui Jim sunglasses have been recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation as an effective UV filter for the eyes and surrounding skin. Proper UV protection is critical, as ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun plays a significant role in the development of skin cancer. About 86 per cent of melanomas and 90 per cent of non-melanoma skin cancers are associated with exposure to the sun’s UV rays.


This design is available in three color combinations. Dark Gunmetal with Smoke Sleeve frame with Maui HT lenses; Gloss Dark Brown with HCL bronze; Gunmetal Blue with Neutral Grey.

 Maui Jim _Frigate_Rs 18 400..... Maui Jim _Frigate_Rs 18 400.... Maui Jim _Frigate_Rs 18 400... Maui Jim _Frigate_Rs 18 400.. Maui Jim _Frigate_Rs 18 400. Maui Jim _Frigate_Rs 18 400

Specification: 65; 18; 127; 36.5; 8


Price: Rs 18,400


Availability: Leading optical stores 

 About Maui Jim:

Maui Jim began as one man selling sunglasses on the beaches of Maui, Hawaii, back in the early 1980s. As local demand grew for sunglasses that provided advanced protection from the severe glare and UV rays of the Hawaiian sun – without distorting the beautiful colors of the Islands – the  company developed proprietary technology – PolarizedPlus®, which was later patented and subsequently enhanced to create the company’s newest technology, PolarizedPlus®2.

Maui Jim was “born” with an original line of seven sunglass styles.  Up to 1991, the sunglasses were exclusively sold in Maui, Hawaii.  In 1991, the company was purchased by Hester Enterprises, and in 1994, Hester enlisted RLI Vision Corporation of Peoria, Illinois, to be the mainland distributor of Maui Jim Sunglasses for the ophthalmic market.  Maui Jim, Inc. was established in December 1996, when Maui Jim Sunglasses acquired RLI Vision. Today, the company sells more than 86 styles and 200 SKUs and is the fastest growing polarized sunglass maker in the world. For more information on Maui Jim, visit or follow us on Facebook or Twitter at @OfficialMaui