Matrix SATATYA3MP Cameras with Adaptive Streaming for Lower Bandwidth Consumption


Matrix range of 3MP Bullet and Dome cameras are specifically designed to meet requirements of projects. Along with providing high resolution images, the cameras are designed for lower bandwidth consumption by offering features such as adaptive streaming and smart streaming. Matrix cameras support up to four streams along with external SD card support for edge recording. The product is made in India at Matrix’s manufacturing facility.

3MP BulletKey Features:

  1. Adaptive Streaming
  • Allows configuring codec, resolution and fps based on motion
  • Saves up to 40% bandwidth and storage space by streaming and recording lower bitrate streams during non-activity period

  1. Smart Streaming
  • Allows dividing a single stream into different images of different quality based on its importance
  • Enhanced security with lower bandwidth utilization by smartly streaming and recording critical areas

  1. 4 Stream Support
  • Different streams for viewing, storing and recording
  • Best utilization of allotted bandwidth

  1. Region of Interest (ROI)
  • Allows selection of critical areas for monitoring
  • Save bandwidth and storage space by streaming and recording only selected areas

  1. e-PTZ
  • Allows virtual pan, tilt and digital zoom of selected critical areas
  • Enhanced security with closer inspection

  1. SD Card Support
  • Record, store, playback and download files directly from 128GB SD card
  • Network connectivity necessarily not required for SD card storage

  1. NAS support
  • NAS offers centralized storage
  • Bypass a video recorder for prompt storage when multiple locations are involved


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