Markets led by SKY LED, the Rais Qureshi way.

skyledMd Rais Qureshi is obsessed with technology. Technology that is sustainable and affordable. And it is this obsession, to bring eco-friendly products of mass consumption that are well within the reach of the average, common man, that has become the mission of his life. A mission that has taken him to shop floors around the world, from where he sources the best components, at the most affordable prices, to offer quality products at most competitive price points. In a nutshell, that is the story behind SKY LED – the entity that has created a stir in the market with its wide range of products that are not only emerging as segment leaders aimed as they are at various price points, but have also emerged as winners due to their eco-friendliness. Not to mention the fact that in the process, it has further enhanced the image of Rais Qureshi as a visionary techno-preneur, creating almost unassailable leads in the niches he creates for his brands; a prime mover and an aggregator who assimilates available technologies to produce winners.

IMG-20160226-WA0002“I am a firm believer in life cycle pricing of products” says Qureshi. “If a product is priced right, is energy efficient in terms of power consumption and long lasting, then it will naturally pay for itself many times over as opposed to a similar product that is only cheap” he continues, adding “it is my quest to offer consumers with a healthy choice – products that are aimed at reducing the consumer’s carbon footprint, even as they outlast the competitors and are priced rationally”. A win-win combination that has fired the imagination of the consumers, considering the fact SKY LED’s products are flying off the shelves even as we write this.

SKY LED has two business lines – one that is aimed at the LED bulbs, modules and panels market where it has already established a firm foothold and the second in the exploding market segment catering to state of the art LED television sets and computer monitors. “We are literally swamped with demand from both the segments” says Qureshi. The lighting line is being refurbished with a new range of SKY fans which too are extremely sustainable in terms of their power consumption, primarily due to the aerodynamic designing leading to the maximisation of air delivery and the use of materials that are light weight even as newer models, aimed at meeting the specific user needs are being constantly introduced in the lighting solutions portfolio of the company.

In televisions, SKY LED is leading the pack of feature rich sets that consume extremely low power to project the maximum luminosity and offer an almost unheard of dynamic contrast ratio apart from being capable of running in almost all formats, with a sound back up that is literally a boom for the buck. “A television set is no longer a stand -alone product” says Qureshi, “it is now the center piece of home entertainment, which is fast emerging as the core around which the internet of things enabled homes of tomorrow are being built. And it is to this niche that all our television sets are aimed.”

SKY LED is also quietly setting up the infrastructure to address another need of the market – to offer its entire product range in the web, so that consumers can relate directly with the company and buy from the comfort of their homes. “Our dealers and distributors, apart from the strong service network will always be there in the brick and mortar world” says Qureshi, “but the need of the hour is to be in the virtual world – to address the demands of an increasingly connected consumer base that want instant gratification of their needs and prefer to shop online. Wired to the virtual world as we are, we cannot ignore this need of those who have reposed their faith on us and that are why we are strengthening our presence in the virtual marketplace. Besides, the web has helped shrink geographical distances and even the remotest consumer can today demand the best and get it delivered – a hitherto latent demand that we want to address.”

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When prodded about the future plans of the company, Qureshi smiles enigmatically, his silence telling tales that legends of tomorrow will be made of. Suffice to say, SKY LED is rewriting the rules of engagement and is in no mood to let go of the crown that it can already lay claim on – that of a market disrupter. Watch this space, this is just the beginning.

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