Making LTE Roaming Reality – Nex-Tech Wireless and United Wireless connect to TNS CCA Data Services Hub to Power LTE.

nextechNex-Tech Wireless connects with United Wireless as first carriers to implement production LTE services to the TNS-powered CCA Data Services Hub.

October 2nd, 2014 Reston, VA:  Mobile operators Nex-Tech Wireless and United Wireless, premier providers offering advanced wireless solutions to residents in both Kansas and Colorado, have expanded their respective relationships with TNS to address their LTE roaming needs. Through the CCA Data Services Hub, TNS will provide IPX services enabling both carriers to utilize the hub for LTE roaming across each other’s regions.  With these new agreements in place, TNS paves-the-way for both Nex-Tech Wireless and United Wireless to leverage the hub in establishing favorable agreements for both inbound and outbound LTE roaming with strategic wireless partners in the United States and international carriers looking to access the Nex-Tech Wireless and United Wireless footprint.

Having an extensive presence across central, western and southwestern Kansas, as well as coverage to 4 counties in Colorado, Nex-Tech Wireless and United Wireless have taken a huge step towards enhancing their subscriber’s experience by geographically expanding their roaming capabilities to include LTE. The TNS-powered CCA Data Services Hub solution will ensure that Nex-Tech Wireless and United Wireless subscribers experience the remarkable capabilities brought about by the introduction of LTE services.

“The decision by Nex-Tech Wireless to join the CCA Data Services Hub and expand their portfolio of services is a testament to their satisfaction of how these solutions work to solve the mobility needs of their subscribers,” said David Kaemmer, Vice President of Sales, Telecommunication Services Division of TNS. “We are excited to have Nex-Tech Wireless and United Wireless join the CCA Data Services Hub and to see the TNS team dedication to helping expand their LTE footprint”

Aaron Gillespie, Director of Operations for Nex-Tech Wireless, also commented, “Nex-Tech Wireless and TNS have had a long-standing relationship. When we started looking at strategically expanding our LTE roaming capabilities it made sense to pursue a vendor who has a proven track record and an established rapport with our company. We are happy to be a part of the CCA Data Services Hub and see a bright future for carriers, like ourselves, with this solution.”

Mike Laskowsky of United Wireless also noted that, “by joining the CCA Data Services Hub, we are able to significantly expand the reach and coverage of our own LTE footprint in a cost-effective and subscriber-centric way. This new model of interconnection will help to ensure that we can bring to market LTE services faster, better, and more cost-effectively than previous 3G solutions.

About Transaction Network Services: 
Transaction Network Services (TNS) is a leading global provider of data communications and interoperability solutions. Headquartered in Reston, Virginia, TNS’ telecommunications expertise address the full needs of wireless and wireline operators in the US and globally, enabling the completion of billions of interactions every day.  Our telecom services are built on the strength of this experience and the quality, dependability and cost effectiveness we deliver through our unique network solutions.  Founded in 1990 TNS has grown steadily and now provides services in over 60 countries across the Americas, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, with network extensions throughout the world.  For further information about TNS, visit

About Nex-Tech Wireless:
Nex-Tech Wireless, owned by Nex-Tech Inc./Rural Telephone, Golden Belt Telephone and Mutual Telephone, is a premiere wireless provider offering high-tech wireless solutions to residents in 38 counties of central and western Kansas. Nex-Tech Wireless focuses on providing its customers cutting edge technology including data and mobile services, as well as the latest wireless equipment and competitive wireless plans that provide nationwide coverage. For more information, visit

About United Wireless:
United Wireless is a wholly owned subsidiary of United Telephone Association, Inc. headquartered in Dodge City, KS.
In 2005, United Wireless was started as a way of bringing the latest technology to customers. United Wireless was one of the first rural carriers in the United States to deploy a 4G LTE network and provides hosting services for other regional service providers.  United Wireless offers unmatched coverage in Southwest Kansas and nationwide via strategic partnerships with both regional and national wireless providers across the U.S.  Services are sold through four corporate store locations and an extensive agent network.
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