Mahindra Comviva aims for continued growth in MENA region

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    Kaustubh Kashyap, Vice President and Head of MENA Region, Mahindra Comviva

    Appoints Kaustubh Kashyap as the new Market Unit Head for MENA

  • Targets 250% revenue growth over the next three years
  • Introduces big-data analytics offerings for MNOs and Banks in MENA


Dubai, UAE – November 16, 2015: Mahindra Comviva, the global leader in providing mobility solutions, announced the appointment of Kaustubh Kashyap as the new Market Unit Head for the MENA region. With this appointment, Mahindra Comviva is aggressively focusing on extending its footprint across the MENA region to achieve the next growth phase. The company is targeting a 250 per cent growth in revenues over the next three years, with a strong focus on research, development and deployment of big data analytics and future-oriented technologies. This will help the company contribute to innovation within the industry and support the digital transformation of the region.

The company introduced its innovative offerings in big data analytics to assist operators to increase revenues, achieve higher retention and improve customer experience, by promoting spend on network, by extending subscribers’ age on the network and by providing unified and consistent experiences across the touch-points of the subscribers.

Over the past few years, the significance of MENA has increased due to the innovation and digital transformation happening within the region. As such, Mahindra Comviva, has decided to accelerate its focus in the region. Currently, Mahindra Comviva has its award-winning enterprise messaging, mobile broadband, mobile money, prepaid recharge, customer value management and OmniChannel solutions already deployed in the region. Today, Mahindra Comviva is serving over 20 telecom operators across 15+ countries with over 25 deployments in the region. These solutions have enabled operators to differentiate their brand, create sustained new revenue streams, and drive-up ARPUs.

Briefing the media, Kaustubh Kashyap, Vice President and Head of MENA Region said, “With over 10 years of presence in the MENA region, Mahindra Comviva has gained extensive market expertise and know-how, which it can now exploit to provide differentiated portfolio of offerings across the region. Mahindra Comviva is not only being considered as a technology partner but also is fast becoming a business partner to the major operators and banks in the region.”

Speaking on the occasion Amit Sanyal, Assistant Vice President & Head of Consumer Value Solutions at Mahindra Comviva said, “With competition intensifying across markets, operators are increasingly focusing on offering innovative services and promotions to grow revenues and retain customers on their network. Our big-data based real-time analytics solutions in the customer value management domain will bring greater convenience to the operators and banks and deliver timely and relevant offers to the subscribers.”

Mahindra Comviva’s Revenue Plus is a big-data analytics driven, multi-channel, contextual, real-time marketing platform customized for the telco environment. It helps operators to boost their top line through sustained customer engagement and retention. By deploying Revenue Plus, the Operators are expected to move from mass market-driven to targeted and personalized customer engagement model. Thus Revenue Plus assists them to optimize their infrastructure while improving the efficiency of the customer engagement. Revenue Plus does this by automating the decision making process through machine-learning algorithms, thus reducing the time to launch the engagement offers by 90% from the traditional models, and achieve the offer success rates above 15%.

Mahindra Comviva’s OmniChannel Care Solution facilitates the shift from a pure transactional-relationship to one focused on engaging customers by offering consistent and rich experiences across all their touch-points, be it a Mobile App, Web, WAP, USSD, Customer Care, etc. This has resulted in better engagements, driven service uptakes, and increased goodwill of the brand. By adhering to strict security standards, OmniChannel enables both MNOs and Banks to improve their customers’ engagements from service discovery, purchase, to activations/de-activations, to post-sales support, to capturing the voice-of-the-customer.  Thus, this analytics-based OmniChannel solution is not only an informational tool for the subscribers, but is also a revenue generating platform for the operators and banks.

“Mahindra Comviva’s Loyalty Management solution completes the Consumer Lifecycle management suite with the right way of rewarding users. We ensure that the consumer gets an interesting, tiered, points accrual program. We are also working with best of the partners in offering world class products for points redemption. This reduces the discounting of opco services while improving the engagement with the subscribers. The retailer loyalty program is helping opcos run complex incentive plans using their existing eTop-up solutions. We have seen excellent results in the form of increased spend and reduction in churn for opcos in APAC and Africa and are happy to offer the same expertise to opcos in MENA,” further explained Amit Sanyal.

Its Dynamic Pricing processes network utilization data and model price and consumer demand to offer tariffs that encourage usage in specific cells at specific times. By using Dynamic Pricing solution, operators have grown their revenues by upto 2.4% on their on-net calls and overall revenue growth of upto 7% inclusive of new subscriber acquisition.