Latin America grows but faces the risks of unfair competition

Alacero – Cartagena de Indias, November 7th, 2018.
Despite signs of recovery for two consecutive years, Latin America has been struggling from the effects of China and Turkey imports.
The main theme discussed throughout the Alacero-59 Congress was the concern about increased imports and declining exports in the region, despite the prospect of ending 2018 growing slightly in crude steel production in Latin America in comparison to 2017.
According to the general director of Alacero, Francisco Leal, “the global and regional industry continues to be affected by the overcapacity, where China is the main country that contributes to this issue.”

Also, “the imposition of US steel duty by 232 and the added global capacity puts a red flag for the region’s steel industry. Since it happened, in addition to China, imports are increasing with Turkey and other countries of Asia, “adds Leal.
Among the topics discussed in the Congress are the challenges and opportunities of automation. Rizwan Janjua, Chief Technology Officer from World Steel, shared the advantages of industry 4.0 and reflected about things that can not be automated, such as human skills: critical thinking and creativity.
According to Imelda Restrepo, ANDI’s vice president of Economic Development and Competitiveness, “we can not do the same thing we have been doing for some years now. We need to think about the future. “
About future millenials steel consumers, she adds: “We used to make our products and we were looking for ways to sell it. Now we have to think the other way around, which is to know the world’s needs and adapt as quickly as possible. “
New Board of Alacero
As part of the closing ceremony, Alacero announced the composition of its new Executive Committee for 2019. The executives were elected at the Alacero’s Council Meeting and have assumed their positions today.
Máximo Vedoya, CEO of Ternium, assumes the presidency of Alacero. Vedoya is 48 years old and has a 26 years career working in the steel industry. The rest of the committee is composed of:
• First Vice-President: Jefferson de Paula

• Secretary: Gustavo Werneck

• Treasurer: Martín Berardi

• Directors: Marcos Faraco, Carlos Zuluaga, Fernando Reitich and Raúl Gutiérrez

Máximo Vedoya closed the congress and invited all to participate in the Congress Alacero-60, which will take place in November 2019 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. ••

About Alacero Alacero – Latin American Steel Association – is the non-profit civil association that brings together the steel value chain of Latin America to promote the values of regional integration, technological innovation, excellence in human resources, safety at work, corporate responsibility and socio-environmental sustainability.
Founded in 1959, it is integrated by more than 60 producing and related companies from 19 countries in Latin America and the world, whose production is close to 70 million tons per year. Alacero is recognized as a Special Consultant Organization by the United Nations.