Lapis Bard Fountain Pen Inks

Get intoxicated by the art of writing with these addictive, cocktail-themed inks with merry colours and merrier names. If inspiration is in short supply, reach for the bottle – of ink.

Lapis Bard’s addictive, cocktail-themed inks are fun, fierce, and utterly fabulous. These safe-to-use, water soluble inks are carefully formulated with an optimal pH, meaning they care for our pen much like you do.

Each brilliant colour is housed in a 50 ml, triangular, polished flint-glass bottle. The Avant Garde, ergonomic design of the bottle makes it easy to hold, and the wide mouth accommodates broad-sized nibs with ease. These premium fountain pen inks

come in twelve exciting shades like Black Roska, Blue Lagoon, Tiffany Punch, Orange Mojito, Emarald Isle, Irish Joe, Cranberry Sangria, Purple Rain, Shamrock, Tequila Sunset, Blue Curacao and Tiffany Punch.

MRP 695/-