Landmark Group organises Diabetes Dialogue

Round table conference with Nisha Millet and Chiranjiv Singh on preventive healthcare with focus on Diabetes

L to R- Mr Chiranjiv Singh and Kabir Lumba L to R-Mr Premanand Nisha Millet  Mr Chiranjiv Singh and Kabir Lumba at Landmark Group Diabetes Dialogue Nisha Millet at Landmark Group Diabetes DialogueBangalore, March 17, 2016: 

Dubai based retail and hospitality conglomerate, Landmark Group, hosted a round table conference with key dignitaries to create awareness about Diabetes and its prevention. Arjuna award winner and acclaimed swimmer Nisha Millet and Former Development Commissioner of Karnataka and Additional Chief Secretary to Govt. of Karnataka Chiranjiv Singh presided over as guests of honour.

The conference saw the attendance of several industry experts including Mr Premanand , Vice President of Apollo Tele Health Services, Prof. Satyan Raj Bhandari, Group Medical Director from Diabetacare and Prof. K Ganapathy, President of Apollo Telemedicine Networking Foundation. Starting with a keynote address by delegates of the Landmark Group Social Initiatives team, the dialogue continued with engaging debate on relevant topics. Some of the aspects discussed included the prevalence of diabetes among urban slum dwellers and young adults, significance of creating awareness and educating people about diabetes in India and the promotion of preventive healthcare by deploying technology in order to reach the masses.

Mr. Kabir Lumba, Managing Director – Lifestyle International Pvt. Ltd. said, “Diabetes is growing at an alarming rate in India. The key to battling Diabetes is creating awareness about its causes, importance of regular glucose level testing and adopting a healthy lifestyle. As an organisation, we endeavour to do our best in supporting the cause and educating the masses to help create a diabetes free environment. We are grateful to all the dignitaries who joined us today to extend their support.”

Nisha Millet added, “I am happy to be a part of this session and extend my complete support to the cause of Diabetes awareness. As an athlete, I understand the significance of Diabetes prevention and leading a healthy lifestyle. I hope that we, as a society, take more such constructive steps towards the cause.”

Mr. Chiranjiv Singh, Former Development Commissioner of Karnataka and Additional Chief Secretary to Govt. of Karnataka said, ”Diabetes prevention and awareness is a key issue that needs to be addressed right away. I am delighted to be a part of this initiative by Landmark Group and extend my support to the cause.”

Note to Editors:

Alarming Statistics about Diabetes

As per IDF Diabetes Atlas seventh edition (2015) by International Diabetes Federation (IDF), the number of people living with diabetes around the world is 415 million which means 1 in every 11 adults have diabetes. Every 6 second, a person dies of diabetes.  The number of people suffering from this life-threatening condition is expected to rise to 642 million by 2040.

As per IDF, 69.2 million Indians are living with this life threatening condition. Since a large number of people with diabetes are unaware of their condition, awareness is the first step towards diagnosis.

Landmark Group – ‘Beat Diabetes’ initiative

Diabetes is growing at an alarming rate and currently affects over 415 million people worldwide. According to the International Diabetes Federation in 2015, an estimated 69.2 million Indians alone are living with diabetes.

Landmark Group launched the ‘Beat Diabetes’ initiative with a focused view to spread awareness on the causes, effects and management of the condition. Launched in 2009 in UAE, the campaign has a presence across 7 countries – UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, KSA and India.