Kraft introduces its heavy-duty Hand Blender exclusive to festive Gifting

Hand blenderExpanding the extensive range of kitchen appliances, Kraft, a pioneer in household appliances, both in terms of latest design as well as technology unleashes their powerful ‘Hand Blender’. Offering iconic design, variable speeds, powerful blades and exceptional performance, Kraft Hand Blender – An ideal gift for every home!

Ergonomically designed Kraft blender is exceptionally easy to use compared to traditional models. With its sleek design and wide array of blending tasks, the Kraft Hand Blender is the incredible game-changer for the home blending experience.

Priced at Rs. 1395/- the hand blender is a magical kitchen wand that ensures an optimal run

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time with superior performance and durability and also encourages you to invent new recipes on the go!

Comfortable Handling and Superior Performance


The Kraft hand blender gives you an effortless and comfortable handling with an ergonomic non-slip, soft touch handle that not only enhances but also heightens the creativity process. With 12.000 RPM speed settings, 160 watts of power and a four-winged Quattro blade stainless steel foot, preparation time and effort are reduced so you can focus on perfecting your recipe and creating that masterpiece. Even when operating at the extra turbo option for maximum performance, the Kraft Hand Blander is quiet and its low vibration motor ensures comfortable handling.

Multi-functional with Interchangeable Accessories


The blender comes with three attachments including Mincer, Whisk, and Beater letting your creativity take over and cooks up an entire meal from appetiser to dessert with this master gadget. Mincer chops minces, mashes, vegetarian diet, baby food and purees mix the light dough. Whereas, the Whisk stirs and mixes liquids of all kind, such as cocktail, milkshakes, yoghurt and beater whips cream and beat mousse. It also comes with a holder, so now you can easily wall mount the device and save the storage space.

Robust and Stylish

Robust and stylish- Kraft Hand Blender is made with quality stainless steel. Cleaning is a breeze with the Kraft Hand blender, just pop all detachable accessories and wash it with all that ease. Less time spent cleaning means more time for you to put on the finishing touches to your gourmet creations.

Indeed Kraft Hand Blender makes a handy gift for cooks of all levels. Available in two shades – elegant blue and ablaze beige, Kraft hand blander is the finest choice for your Multi functional lifestyle!