Kolkata Breast Health & Welfare Association organises awareness meet

DSC_0568Kolkata Breast Health & Welfare Association is a body which has been formed by a few distinguished Oncologists and allied specialists to work together for the cause of breast cancer patients, spreading awareness amongst general population, physician and school and college students, so that we can have a society which can work together for its crusade against breast cancer, which is also the slogan of this organization.

The association is also committed to conduct seminars and educational programmes for clinicians, students and paramedics to improve the quality of care for patients with breast diseases.

In this regard, the association has successfully organized recently an educational meet for breast cancer specialists with faculties from the city, neighboring states and other national luminaries from the field of cancer, on the 17th /Aug/ 2013. This was the 2nd endeavor of the association and there will be future endeavors as well.

As the World Health Organization has recognized October as the month of breast cancer we had organized a survivor’s meet of breast cancer patients on 5th October, 2013 at Rotary Sadan, Kolkata, to spread the message of awareness and spirit of survivorship amongst the general population. Awareness not only empowers the patients and their near ones to fight the dreaded ailment, but also clears many a misconception both about the disease and its treatments.

Such programmes enable people to shed their inhibition and come forward to share their experiences of conquering a deadly disease. This is also our duty towards the society to mobilize force for our battle against breast cancer.

The Kolkata Breast Health & Welfare Association comprises of clinicians, breast cancer survivors, people from other professions like legal, media, corporate world, entertainment and is truly a cross section of the society who all thinks alike and feel the necessity to stand beside people who get afflicted by this disease. The association is strongly committed to the cause of prevention and screening of breast cancer as well.