Koenig to address increased demand for Smart training and online learning programs in Dubai

koenigSmart training courses deemed essential with efforts to position emirate as leading ‘innovation hub’ in the region


October 25, 2015

Koenig Solutions, India’s leading IT training provider and the world’s number one offshore training company, has expressed its confidence in filling the increasing demand for specialized Smart training courses and online learning programs in Dubai. To help address this, the company is set to leverage its wide portfolio of world-class IT-focused courses and training programs across various business organizations and companies in the UAE. The offer of these training programs are deemed essential and pivotal in the emirate’s continuing efforts to position itself as a leading ‘innovation hub’ in the region.

According to a recent report from Smart Dubai, the deployment of technologies utilizing the so-called Internet of Everything will be worth AED 17.9 billion within Dubai’s economy by the year 2020. With this growth in mind, the IT industry is expected to experience an increased demand for professionals with skills in the development and deployment of the latest software. Current IT professionals have resolved to use training programs and offshore training centres in order to improve their skills and enhance their industry proficiency. These courses have also become attractive to contractors and freelancers who want to charge more for their services. Koenig senior executives have stressed on the importance of training for certification as a good way to learn new technologies and to work up the pay scale–noting that courses they offer like Certified Ethical Hacking, CISSP, Cisco Security, Microsoft Dynamics etc. have become in demand among IT professionals. Koenig also provides its clients with certification in software including Oracle, Cisco, Microsoft, Red Hat, Linux and Java.

“Enrolling in IT training programs and gaining certification increases the skill levels and reinforces the work done by IT professionals. It’s a tough economy in many parts of the world at the moment and IT professionals have to stand out and fight for the positions that are around,” said Aditya Girish, Territory Manager Middle East, Koenig Solutions. “At Koenig, our focus is not only on providing certification but also in ensuring that our clients will be able to improve their skills and enhance their knowledge. We like to train trainees on how to solve problems, which is why we customize our courses around their specific requirements. Koenig courses are flexible and we offer one-to-one training, starting any day, so IT professionals can fit studying around their careers.”

The Smart Dubai report also shares that opportunities of the Internet of Everything, which have been identified as net revenues, cost savings and value available to organizations and industries, have amounted to over AED 4.3 billion for the emirate’s public sector and AED 13.6 billion for the private sector. With the lower cost of IT training, contractors and smaller companies can now afford to send their staff on courses, which in turn, provides added value to businesses and clients and means that certified IT professionals can charge more for their services. Larger businesses who want to save money are also sending employees to Koenig. To date, more than 100 students are enrolled with Koenig each month and even after flights and accommodation, Koenig’s courses cost half what IT professionals pay in the UK.

“The Smart Dubai initiative seeks to change the way business is conducted across sectors and deliver greater quality of life for hundreds of millions of people.  As a leading training company, we are well equipped to meet the growing demands in training in the UAE and the rest of the region. Our courses have been designed for students from various nationalities as our customers come across the world – Europe, Australia and Africa – because we provide quality training at good prices. Our trainers are highly experienced, professional and all speak good English. Students can also expect the latest equipment at our training centres,” concluded Girish.