K9 School India educated pet lovers through an interesting seminar

 The seminar provided a detailed insight into our very own desi dog breed.


New Delhi, October 3, 2016: K9 School India conducted an engaging seminar about desi dogs yesterday at their Training Center in Chattarpur. The objective of the seminar was to educate the pet lovers about desi dogs, their treatment while catering to the problems associated with them.

The inaugural seminar was a part of series of small talks and seminars on particular topics related to dogs which will be conducted in the coming months. The event started with the introductory session of K9 School India and Adnan’s personal and professional experience while interacting with desi dogs. This was followed by a history of the breed, their feeding patterns, a detailed understanding of their instincts, behavior problems and a general human psychology towards them.

The funds collected through the registrations and all other proceedings of the non-profit seminar were donated to Friendicoes in order to aid their Delhi shelter which is flooding and needs repairs.

Commenting on the seminar, Adnan Khan, a dog behavior consultant and Owner of K9 School India, said, “Keeping in mind Mahatma Gandhi’s philosophy which is compassion towards animals, we couldn’t think of a better occasion than Gandhi Jayanti to kick-start our series related to dogs. Secondly, the seminar was organized to make people aware about the condition of desi dogs in our country, how they have been ignored and what can be done to improve the existing situation.”

The seminar included a 10 min session with dog nutritionists helping the participants to understand the feeding requirements of the dogs.  Furthermore, experiences shared by pet owners having stray dogs and locality stray dog care takers and the challenges faced by them while dealing with these dogs were discussed. The seminar concluded with an interesting Q & A session with the participants addressed by Adnan Khan.

About K9 School India:

K9 School India is a revolutionary dog training startup with a state of the art training facility in New Delhi, India. The team includes trainers, behaviour experts, dogs and executive geniuses who share a passion for dogs and a drive to deliver highly scientific and education based training to the dogs and the owners. Spread over 40,000 square feet, the centre pioneered the idea of conducting group sessions for pet parents in the country and offers various services and facilities in addition to training like swimming, boarding, dog gym, physical conditioning, pet socialisation and much more.