Jpnovations Solutions Introduces Wireless Waiter Calling System to Boost Indian Food & Beverage Industry

A Wireless Waiter Calling System has been introduced for hotels & restaurants to Go Digital!


The innovative Jpnovations Wireless Calling Systems use a set of smart watches synced with a LED panel and a table remote that can automate the waiter calling and food ordering system in Indian hotels and restaurants.

Noida, UP, India, October 3, 2016 – With the emerging automation technologies, people are getting more accustomed to convenience and an enhanced service experience. Jpnovations Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has come up with automated solutions that will revolutionize the Indian food and beverage industry, allowing hotels and restaurants to serve their customers with an enhanced level of professionalism, swiftness and efficiency.

Jpnovations Calling Systems include a whole range of innovative solutions that allow customers to call waiters in an automated environment. One of these latest solutions uses a set of smart watches synced with a LED panel and a table remote. Days are gone when a customer has to shout at a waiter to ask for a service. These solutions offer convenience at the hands of the customer, whether he wants to order food or call a waiter for a query.

Speaking about the need of such solutions, Pardeep Gill, Director Jpnovations, states, “We have set foot into this business with the intent to set a new benchmark for serviceability and accessibility.” According to him, they have developed these solutions, aiming to boost the productivity of India’s food and beverage industry.
image-5The complete set of the Waiter Calling System includes a table remote, equipped with 3 buttons – Call, Bill, and Drink.  There is a LED board to display the current requests and other calls on the screen, and also a smart watch. According to Mr. Gill, the complete system with 10 tablets comes with a starting cost of just Rs. 20,000. The company aims at adding to the productivity and efficiency of the Indian hospitality sector at an affordable cost.

Mr. Gill reveals that such devices have long been in use abroad, but India lacked such kind of sophistication in its hospitality sector. Now, he and his company have come forward to create solutions that can play a key role in the Restaurants Automation in the country. According to him, there are several clients who have started using their system in the country and have witnessed sea changes in their business as well as customer satisfaction. One of their clients, Mr. Deepankar Arora, Partner – Tawak, states about the benefits of using Jpnovations Solutions technology, “Using jpnovations system has helped a lot in saving the time and efficiency of the staff. And has added up in better ambience and comfort to our guests. Kudos Jpnovations!”

The device functions by sending a notification to waiter’s watch and he immediately knows the demand of its customer. Being constantly updated via watch, quick verification of the orders is possible, in case there is any change. A notification by the cook, when the food is ready to serve, saves the hassle of running back and forth to the kitchen. All of the staff will be assisted with a smart watch that synchronizes with other corresponding devices. Besides monitoring and staff management, the system aims at revolutionizing the standards of the hospitality industry.

According to Mr. Gill, the device aids in more than enhancing the waiter management. It also encourages a certain comfort to customers by not having to shout in to call stewards. “Just a click of a button and viola, the waiter is at your service”, he says. Beside the benefits of reduced waiting time and improving time management, the company is currently developing a real time staff monitoring system that will help in the evaluation of the restaurant statistics. Jpnovations will be using Big Data Analysis to accomplish this objective.

About Jpnovations Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Jpnovations Solutions is started by IIT-D/NIT alumni with a vision of accelerating the hospitality sector in India with the latest technology and trends. The founders have over 5 years of research & development experience in Marketing, Manufacturing, Smart Devices and Internet of Things (IoT). Before starting this venture, they visited various countries like South Korea, Taiwan & China to understand this technology and came with this novel idea to implement various Wireless Calling Systems in most of the hospitality sectors viz. restaurants, hotels, bars, cinemas, hospitals.