JIS Group Educational Initiatives launches Innovation Club in association with CII at Narula Institute of Technology (NIT)  in the inauguration of “Kritanj- 2016 Crossroad of Innovation”- Techno Management Fest  


Kolkata, April 07, 2016: JIS Group Educational Initiatives, the largest educational conglomerate in eastern India, today announced the launch of its 1st ever ‘Innovation Club’ in association with Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) at its Narula Institute of Technology (NIT) campus. The Innovation Club – launched at the occasion of NIT’s annual techno management fest “Kritanj-2016, Crossroad of Innovation”– aims at developing a fundamental change of instilling the innovation and entrepreneurial attitude and creative thinking at academic and industry level among students. The innovation club was launched by Mr. Aloke Mookherjea, Former Chairman of CII (Eastern Region) in the presence of many distinguished guests from industry as well as from the field of academics such as Prof. Dr. B.C. Mal, Vice chancellor – JIS University; Mr. U.S. Mukherjee, Deputy Director – JIS Group; Prof. (Dr.) S.M. Chatterjee, Chairman – Board of Governance, JIS Group; Dr. Asit Guha, Advisor, JIS Group and many more. On the occasion also about 1000 excited students eagerly and patiently awaited for the launch of their ‘dream’ club.


Sardar Taranjit Singh, Managing Director, JIS Group commenting on the launch said,”  In today’s world the goal of getting an education isn’t to solve some of yesterday’s problems, but to tackle problems in the future that we don’t know about today, using technology that hasn’t been invented yet. This is where the need to innovate – to do things in new or different ways – comes in. Today with the launch of the innovation club at our NIT campus we as an education service provider want to give our students a chance to inhabit a borderless world offering limitless connection, data and mobility wherein they can choose to access knowledge and participate in dialogue on a global scale. It will be a platform for them to pursue several technological breakthroughs which will be required for advancement of today’s society towards a better future.”


“The roots of the word ‘innovation’ come from Greek and Latin, meaning a change, not necessarily inventing something new. We must strive to make the world better than it is, to rearrange the things we know so that we can learn about things we do not know. It is increasingly becoming clear that the nation which drives innovation will be the one that rises to the top. Our aim at CII is to give a greater boost to innovation, and provide close interactions between academia and industry. We will provide a platform to get in touch with industry leaders, and possible investors. It is essential for the nation to have an innovation system in place, and the government must provide encouragement to innovators from institutes.”


With the global economy itself transforming and global connectivity becoming the defining characteristic of today’s world, the corporate sectors are relentlessly pursuing to incorporate continual innovation a part of their organizational DNA. They are looking up to a workforce who can ‘innovate’ for them and keep them afloat in a market wherein the nature of ‘demands’ changes on a daily basis. This innovative workforce is provided by educational institutions – such as JIS group – that believe in practical education and in that fact the power of innovation explores a huge range of possible improvement that will shape the world for the foreseeable future. Kitanj-2016 – the techno management fest organized by Narula Institute of Technology under the aegis of JIS Group – is a step towards making the institute’s belief a reality. It is a platform wherein students can showcase their projects and ideas through various activities such as hardware and software Project Demonstration and Multimedia Presentation. The launch of ‘Innovation Club” will further propagate this unique platform to inspire students to create, build and implement their thought processes and ideas through diverse ground-breaking projects thus enriching their knowledge through creativity and hands-on training. The Innovation Club with dedicated space of 1000 sq feet; with basic instruments, equipments and software will harbor great success as students will get an opportunity to exhibit their inherent potential in this wonderful platform.