Jaypee Hospital performs a rare re – liver transplant surgery to save life of a 47 year old


  • Dhinendra Singh  had undergone the first liver transplant in 2008
    •        Some of the blood vessels need to be artificially created in Re- Liver Transplant Surgery

Noida, 23rd February, 2017: Jaypee Hospital, a multi super specialty hospital in sector 128 Noida has given a gift of life to a 47 year old Dhinendra Singh, a resident of Bijnaur after successfully re- transplanting his liver. The liver was donated to him by his sister Kusum, aged 54 years. The 12 hour long life saving surgery was performed recently this year.

Due to liver failure Dhinendra Singh had undergone a liver transplant surgery in the year 2008, his younger brother Virendra Singh; aged 38 had donated his liver to him. Dhinendra was leading a normal life post his transplant surgery but due to his addiction for alcohol he again started consuming alcohol since 2012. As a result, his transplanted liver failed too and liver re – transplantation surgery was the only way left for his survival.

Explaining about the case Dr. Abhideep Chaudhary, Senior Liver Transplant surgeon, Jaypee Hospital said, “Due to the addiction of alcohol, patient’s transplanted liver failed again and his condition got worse. He got jaundice and water started to fill inside his stomach. He was slowly going into liver coma and kidney failure.”

Further explaining the complexities involved in the re- liver transplant surgery Dr. Chaudhary said, “Re – Liver transplant surgery is critical because the transplant surgery has already been done once so the surgical planes get altered. Also, in a liver transplant, blood vessels need to be joined for the proper inflow and outflow of blood. In case of a re – transplant surgery where the blood vessels have already been used, some of them needs to be artificially created. As the surgery is being done for the second time it also involves high risk of bleeding. Moreover, the patient becomes both physically as well as mentally weak for a second transplant.”

“Re transplant is done in two cases, first is early liver transplant which is done if the primary transplant surgery was not successful or had some complexities while the second is late liver transplant which is done when the primary liver transplant was successful but had failed again over the years due to not following proper diet and medication or intake of excess alcohol. This was the case of a late liver transplant where the re- transplant was done after 8 years of primary transplant,” Dr. Chaudhary further added.      

According to a Korean Medical Journal, only a small number of liver recipients have undergone a Live Donor Late Re- liver transplant worldwide till date because of severe adhesion, distorted structures and newly developed collateral veins which makes the recipient operation very difficult or not possible.

“I was living a normal life after my liver transplant but due to my addiction, I cannot give upon my habit of drinking for many years and started drinking again. As a result, my liver failed again and my condition became worse. I was afraid to even think of the fact that how long I will be able to survive but after I met Dr. Abhideep Chaudhary, he assured me that I can still live a normal life by undergoing a second liver transplant. I was very anxious initially but had no option then following Dr. Chaudhary’s advice. Today, I am glad that I listened to him and undergone the surgery,” Dhinendra Singh, the patient said.

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