Jaypee Hospital experts successfully operates Afghan national suffering from rare spinal parasitic infection


  • Below the neck, his entire left side of the body was paralyzed and around 150ml of pus was accumulated in his neck
  • As part of major spine surgery, the infected bone was removed and the cavity was filled with bone graft taken from patient’s pelvic bone

17th August, 2018, Noida: Doctors at Jaypee Hospital once again displayed exemplary skill and expertise in treating a patient from Afghanistan suffering from a rare parasitic infection affecting his spine and neck. The infection caused the paralysis of the patient’s left side of the body, below the neck. Dr. Rohan Sinha, Senior Consultant, Neurosurgery along with his team of senior surgeons from Jaypee Hospital, Noida successfully performed the critical spinal cord Decompression & restoration surgery.

Arif Rezaye, 50-year-old citizen of Afghanistan, suffered from immense pain in his neck which was followed by continuous vomiting, difficulty in walking and weakness in both the hands. Observing his deteriorating condition, he visited many hospitals in New Delhi and Afghanistan for initial treatment but they were unable to improve his condition.


After consulting multiple doctors in Afghanistan and Delhi, the patient visited Jaypee Hospital, Noida in May 2017 and was diagnosed with Hydatid disease, a parasitic infection caused by a tapeworm of the genus Echinococcus, affecting his spine and neck. Based on detailed evaluation, he was recommended spinal cord decompression & fixation surgery to treat the defect. Dr. Rohan Sinha took up this challenge and agreed to treat the patient. He applied an innovative approach to lead the surgery and meet the challenges presented with such a complex case.

Dr. Rohan Sinha, Senior Consultant Neurosurgery, Jaypee Hospital says, “The patient was suffering from Hydatid disease, a severe tapeworm infection in his neck and spine, which would have turned fatal if left untreated. Below the neck, his entire left side of the body was paralyzed, forcing him to stay bedridden. There was a swelling in the neck due to the accumulation of around 150ml of pus, a buildup of dead, white blood cells that form when the body’s immune system responds to infection. The patient was in extreme pain and post examination of his cervical spine it was found that there has been a severe infection of bone adjoining the head and neck (C1, C2 & C3 of his cervical spine) causing significant spinal cord decompression which was responsible for the paralysis.”

Using a minimally invasive technique of surgery and medication, the pus accumulated in his neck was drained. In June 2017, the patient was taken for major spine surgery where the infected bone was removed and the cavity was filled with bone graft taken from patient’s pelvic bone. This surgery was complicated and was performed using transoral methodology (direct access through the mouth) under microscopic guidance. A medical device, rigid immobilization-Halo Vest was applied to stabilize his cervical spine after neck & spine surgery. For one month, a tracheostomy tube (a breathing tube) was inserted in patient’s wind pipe to avoid any respiratory discomfort. Additionally the patient was not able to take food from his mouth and therefore a nasogastric feeding tube was inserted through his nose to place food directly into the stomach till the time he improved neurologically and regained mobility.” adds Dr. Sinha.

Dr. Dinesh Rattnani Senior Consultant Neurosurgery, Jaypee Hospital further confirmed that In December 2017, the extra pus was treated again via medication and the infused bone was re-grafted for providing adequate strength to the cervical bone. Patient went back home with advise to visit Jaypee Hospital again after three months for check-up.

“In May 2018, the patient revisited Jaypee Hospital and post examination it was found that the grafted bone had successfully infused with his natural bone. To strengthen the same, the area over his grafted bone was covered by a flap raised from the adjacent soft tissue inside the oral cavity. Additionally, the rigid immobilization-Halo Vest (medical device which was placed to support stability of his head & neck) was also removed confirming the fusion of bone and spinal cord status. The patient is now able to walk and is using both his hands efficiently. Three months of oral medication has been advised to the patient, to complete the course of treatment” adds Dr. Rohan Sinha.

After the successful surgery, Arif Rezaye said, “Before visiting to Jaypee Hospital, my entire left side of the body was paralyzed. I was in a bad shape and had lost all hope of living a normal life. This period has been very taxing for me and my family both physically and emotionally. But after visiting Jaypee Hospital, I am now not only able to stand and walk, but I can perform all of my everyday activities like before. I am really grateful to Dr. Sinha and his team for taking up the challenge and taking up my case which was refused by the doctors of many other reputed hospitals. The doctors here have given my life a new beginning.”

Such surgeries are complicated, highly demanding and need multidisciplinary team effort. They need clinical expertise and well equipped operation theaters with advanced equipments. The treatment is usually prolonged and done in multiple stages. Such complex and rare surgeries of brain and spine are being performed in Department of Neurosurgery, Jaypee Hospital Noida. It is a demonstration of expert clinical services and advanced healthcare facilities at this center. Domestic as well as International patients who would have otherwise gone to the United States of America and Europe for such complex treatments are choosing Indian Hospitals for affordable treatment, faith in doctors and excellent hospital care.

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