Jaypee Hospital created a bond for life between Hindu-Muslim patients 

·         Hindu and Muslim wives donated their kidneys to each other’s husband

Noida, 22nd May 2017: Surgeons from Jaypee Hospital, Noida, saved the lives of a Hindu and a Muslim man by convincing the respective wife to donate her matching-blood-group kidney to the other’s husband. Both wives had given up hope of their husband’s recovery from end-stage kidney disease and the patients were surviving on dialysis. But Jaypee Hospital doctors’ secular outlook ensured both men are fighting fit as they recommended the wives swap kidneys to save the husbands’ lives.

A strong bond of brotherhood between the Hindu and Muslim couple has developed, overcoming narrow sectarian concerns. The team of doctors comprised Senior Surgeons Dr Amit Devra, Dr Manoj Aggarwal and Dr Abdul Manan from the Kidney Transplantation Department as well as Dr Anil Prasad Bhatt, Dr Bheem Raj and Dr Rahul from the Nephrology Department.

Elaborating, Dr Anil Prasad Bhatt, Senior Nephrologist – Jaypee Hospital, said, “A resident of Greater Noida, Ekram (29), was consulting me for a kidney ailment. Simultaneously, Rahul Varisht (26), a Baghpat resident, was consulting Dr Amit Devra for the same problem. The diagnosis revealed both had end-stage kidney disease and needed a kidney transplant. Both had no donors, except the wives. Unfortunately, each wife’s blood group failed to match the husband’s. Ekram’s wife Razia (24) was B-positive while he was A-positive, whereas Rahul’s wife Pavitra (38) was A-positive but he was B-positive. Therefore, the kidneys of both wives were unsuitable to save their husbands’ lives.”

Explaining how religious reservations were overcome, Dr Amit Devra, Senior Kidney Transplant Surgeon – Jaypee Hospital, said, “We held separate meetings with both families and informed them that if each woman donates her kidney to the other’s husband, it is possible to save the lives of both patients. The kidney-swapping transplant process was explained to their families. Convinced, both wives agreed to donate a kidney to the other’s husband. A five-hour surgery successfully transplanted the kidneys to both patients.”

Highlighting the doctors’ delicate efforts in creating a kinship between the Hindu-Muslim families, Dr Manoj Luthra, CEO – Jaypee Hospital, said, “Ekram was undergoing dialysis for a year while Rahul was on it for three months. Since both families had no suitable donor, the men’s lives were at risk. The successful exchange of kidneys between Hindu-Muslim families indicates human blood holds no narrow boundaries. Only the human mind holds religious reservations and needs to be convinced accordingly. If humanity takes precedence over sectarian concerns, particularly during medical emergencies, thousands of lives could be saved. Such acts of humanity are required to raise hope for many patients urgently seeking a suitable organ donor.”

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