IT-ITeS Sector Skills Council NASSCOM certifies the alignment of curriculum, prepared by IEEE Computer Society w.r.t. select   Engineering and IT Services Qualification Packs

Aimed at building robust IT-ITeS skills for a market ready future workforce

Left to right – Ms. Angela Burgess, Executive Director, IEEE, Computer Society and Dr. Sandhya Chintala, Vice President, NASSCOM and Executive Director, SSC NASCOM


BANGALORE, India, 9 December 2014 – IT-ITeS Sector Skills Council NASSCOM (SSC NASSCOM), has approved and certified the alignment of curricula, expressed in the outcomes based format, developed by IEEE Computer Society, towards five industry identified job roles/Qualification Packs (QP). IEEE Computer Society has used the approved curricula to  further  design its  own courseware, to effectively reduce the skills gap for Indian technology workers just beginning their careers.


IEEE Computer Society  has developed its own courseware and training material in pursuance  of the curricula aligned to the QPs concerned, to provide  the necessary training for engineers with zero-to-two years’ experience.   SSC NASSCOM’s Curriculum Alignment Certification to IEEE is for   NSQF Level 7 (National Skills Qualification Framework) QPs ie ‘SSC/Q4202-Engineer Trainee’, ‘SSC/Q0501-Software Developer’, ‘SSC/Q4601-Software Engineer’, ‘SSC/Q6702-Software Developer’ and   ‘SSC/Q0507- Engineer Trainee’


The training will be provided by IEEE Computer Society trained and approved ‘Registered Education Providers’ (REPs) based throughout India. Those completing the courses can aim to  be assessed  and certified as competent in the particular QP/job role, by SSC NASSCOM, the authorized  QP standard setting and certifying  body under  NSDC,GOI.


On the occasion Dr. Sandhya Chintala, Vice President, NASSCOM and  Executive Director, SSC NASCOM said “IT-ITeS Sector Skills Council NASSCOM (SSC NASSCOM) aims to drive, scale and sustain a powerful skill development initiative to create a skills ready workforce for the future of this industry.  I congratulate global organizations such as IEEE, who aim to prepare students in India, aligned to industry validated Qualification Packs (QPs), which is an important step in providing the quality education and training that India needs to continue in its anticipated growth trajectory. In this context SSC NASSCOM certifications w.r.t. Qualification Packs will provide our students the currency for global mobility”


“We are very pleased to partner with the SSC NASSCOM to provide our global and time-tested education and training resources in furtherance of India’s impressive campaign to raise education and training levels to create a new generation of highly skilled workers,” said Angela Burgess, IEEE Computer Society Executive Director. “We look forward to contributing to this goal however we can”, she added.


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