The International Stainless Steel Forum (ISSF) published a number of new publications during their 22nd conference (ISSF-22) which was held in Tokyo on 24 May 2018.

Stainless Steel in Figures

The annual edition of the popular statistical handbook, “Stainless Steel in Figures”, has been continued for 2018 and has been published on the ISSF website and extranet in English and Chinese. It has the advantage of providing readers with a ready reference source in one book.

Martensitic Stainless Steels

Martensitic stainless steels have an excellent strength to weight ratio, strong resistance to corrosion, a good hardness and a wide range of applications, of which the best known are probably knife steels, which are capable of holding a sharp edge.

To provide the right environment for further growth of this range of materials it was necessary to research existing and potential applications, to provide a technical introduction to the material and testimonials from existing producers who have used the material and can talk with authority about its value.

We recommend this brochure to producers, stockists and end-users, with the hope that they will find it a helpful tool for their own market development activities. Click here for downloading this brochure.

Stainless Steel in Architectural Applications

One of the milestone achievements over the years since the Millennium has been the amazing growth of the development of stainless steel as an “art meets function” tool in the architectural sector. A glance through the pages of this (4th Edition) of our Architectural Brochures series will reveal immediately how the architect, as artist, has used stainless steel creatively to design something which is more than a building, more than a sculpture or more than a structure. And the best thing is that whilst creating a thing of beauty, the designer is adding to the sustainability of our world, because the stainless steel he uses is capable of being 100% recycled when it comes to the end of its useful life.

The brochure can be downloaded here

A Workable, Lasting Solution for Water Losses through Leaking Water Pipes

Water loss through leaking water pipes is a problem for cities all over the world. Some of them are losing water at upwards 40% per year, and this is all water which has already been treated. A recent study by the OECD has shown that it is not only the under developed or even the developing cities that are so affected – even the capital cities of major economies are losing far more water than is sustainable or even viable. The International Stainless Steel Forum (ISSF) has published a brochure which reports their research into the service pipe lines in the cities of Tokyo, Seoul and Taipei. All three cities have started to use stainless steel corrugated pipes for transporting potable water from the water mains to the interior of the building.

Changing their pipes to stainless steel ones has meant enormous amounts of water have been saved. With this booklet, ISSF would like to tell this story to the rest of the world, so other cities and communities will consider stainless steel pipes an option to reduce leaking pipes and to save precious water.