ISSF launches new publications during ISSF-19

issf-header-logoThe International Stainless Steel Forum (ISSF) has launched a number of new publications during the organisation’s 19th conference (ISSF-19) which is being held in Hong Kong on 20 and 21 May.

The following brochures were published during ISSF-19.

Stainless Steel in Figures 2015

The 2015 edition of Stainless Steel in Figures is the fourth since the publication was launched in 2012. New in for this edition is the added chapter on the stainless steel raw materials and a Chinese version.

Production of this year’s Stainless Steel in Figures was supervised by Kai Hasenclever the ISSF Director of Economics and Statistics.

Download the English version here
Download the Chinese version here

Stainless Steel – Benefits for Elderly People

Life expectancy is increasing strongly. As more and more people are getting older and older, society must be prepared to cater for the specific needs of elderly people. Many of the applications discussed in this brochure in the context of old age are also attractive to other users to make living environments safer, more comfortable and attractive.

Download brochure here

Built to Last – Stainless Steel in Architectural Applications

Only a couple of years after the invention of stainless steels, architects started discovering its potential for building and construction – in both visible and non-visible applications. The present publication shows just a few of the recent examples. However diverse they may be in terms of scope, purpose and product used, they have one thing in common: they are part of an architecture that is made to last.

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Stainless Steel in Agricultural Applications

From a simple feeding pail to the most advanced fully robotised milking equipment, stainless steel is found on farms in numerous applications, where it is an alternative to plastics, light metal and above all galvanised steel.

This new brochure from ISSF explains why stainless steel in used in agricultural applications and highlights applications in fences, gates and partitions, feeding, watering, electrical and mechanical equipment, skin care, dairy farming, ancillary equipment and storage tanks for slurry and waste water.

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Clean Cooking with Stainless Steel

Chronic exposure to smoke from traditional cooking practices is one of the world’s biggest – but least well-known – killers. According to the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves (, nearly 3 billion people in the developing world cook their food and heat their homes with traditional stoves or open fires. The Global Burden of Disease Study 2010 estimates that exposure to smoke from the simple act of cooking is the fourth worst risk factor for disease in developing countries, and causes four million premature deaths per year – exceeding deaths attributable to malaria or tuberculosis.

This new brochure from ISSF explains why stainless steel is part of the solution for this problem. It highlights the health and environmental effects and then introduces different kind of alternative stoves that can be used like forced air stoves or solar cooking stoves.

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Stainless Steel in Drinking Water Supply

Its inert and corrosion-resistant nature makes stainless steel an ideal material for contact with drinking water in all stages from extraction to domestic plumbing. Stainless steel is the only metallic material that is suitable for any usual drinking water composition.

This new brochure from ISSF explains why stainless steel is an ideal material for contact with drinking water and highlights applications in water intake, water preparation, water storage and distribution.

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Stainless Steel in Self-Service Machines

Self-service machines – dispensers, vending machines, ticket machines etc. – must meet a number of requirements. Stainless steel has an ideal profile and is available in many different suitable grades.

This new brochure from ISSF explains why stainless steel is an ideal material to be used in self-service machines and highlights some common applications like vending machine fronts, keypads, mechanical parts, beverage dispensers, drinking water dispensers and vending machines, milk vending stations, ticket machines and access control and coin-operated controls.

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