Investimonial- First Match-Making Platform for Investors & Start-up Entrepreneurs


–          First of its kind of platform that bridging the gap between genuine investors and aspiring entrepreneurs to reap the benefits

MUMBAI, 5th Oct 2017: Today, the start-up space is slowly gaining momentum in India because there are many who come up with unique ideas and services. But starting a company is no piece of cake. A lot of hard work goes in making a venture a success. After starting their own venture, most entrepreneurs find it difficult to get the required funds to sustain their business.

Investimonial is the brainchild of Mr. Ankit Totla, a Chartered Accountant, who has achieved a remarkable position in the field of financial consultancy, along with Mr. Himanshu Dhabalia who has accumulated years of experience in the field. Investimonial is launched with the intention of bridging the gap between genuine investors and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Investimonial is a first of its kind of initiative that offers a unique platform for both investors & entrepreneurs. The platform swears to fill the gap between the two with their vast database, which is constantly growing. Investimonial connects potential investors to their next great idea (start-ups/businesses) and they can jointly reap the benefits.

To make it a certified deal, the registered startups are screened and verified by a renowned third-party agency and only then can they be viewed by the investors. Investimonial also provides guidance to entrepreneurs who are just entering the market by helping them with the company’s business plans and makes it presentable and likeable for the investors. The platform allows the entrepreneurs to see exactly how many times their profile was viewed by an investor. Apart from this, Investimonial also guides the entrepreneurs as to what they are missing to get the investors on board. Apart from the above mentioned features, Investimonial also provides some value added services like Financial Modelling, Business Plans, Valuation Assistance, etc.

The platform allows entrepreneurs to be visible to a vast and ever growing database of investors who are looking to invest in a reliable and safe company and impart the knowledge that they’ve gained with their years of experience.

One of the most notable features about Investimonial is that the entrepreneurs cannot start a conversation with the investors unless the investors initiates the conversation. Once an investor matches with an entrepreneur, they can move to the next level which is the in-portal conversation between the two. This conversation will include negotiations, making offers, counter offers and if both the parties consent, then locking the deal. A methodology to track the promised payments is also built into the platform, for 100% transparency.

On the occasion of their launch, Mr. Ankit Totla said, “We also provide a helping hand to our all our subscribers just entering into the business with our value added services that guide and teach them everything they should know to make their idea a reality. People wanting to invest & start or diversify their portfolio will have a whole host of start-ups to choose from, on signing up on our platform. It’s literally the world at their fingertips.”

As whole world is looking for new innovations and ease of service sector, Investimonial seems like the need of the hour. It gives the investors the ability to shop for exactly the kind of business they want to invest in that suit their portfolios. Each start-up can be filtered by category, investment size, and much more.

“With our vast experience and expertise in the field we look forward to spread benefits to a lot of startups and witness their growth history” said Mr. Himanshu Dhabalia

Within the first day of launch itself, 12 start-ups got registered on Investomonial with approx 50 crore investment requirements and many on board investors are looking for their next project to believe in!

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