Introducing: Bandito, an Eco-Friendly Wearable that Combines a Non-Toxic Scent and Powerful Sonic Sound to Protect Against Mosquito Bites

CHICAGO – (June 4, 2018) – Guarden, an eco-conscious pest control provider, is launching Bandito, the ultimate mosquito repellent that features dual deterrent capabilities and can be worn as a bracelet or clipped to backpacks or other personal items. Ideal for outdoor lovers, the protective wearable uses an all-natural, non-toxic repellent in combination with a powerful sonic sound to deter mosquitos and keep users focused on watching a beautiful sunset, hiking on a scenic trail, or fishing for their next meal and not on swapping away pesky mosquitos.

Current mosquito repellent products rely either on scent or sound waves to keep mosquitos at bay. Bandito made the ultimate shield against mosquitos by taking two of the most powerful, proven repellent technologies. Bandito’s refillable, all-natural pleasant scent made of citronella, peppermint and lemongrass oils, in combination with high frequency sonic waves, deter mosquitos and keep you focused on your outdoor activities. Simply put on Bandito around your wrist when you leave the house and enjoy your outdoor excursion without worrying about getting bit. Bandito’s design also eliminates the need to apply and reapply sticky creams and sprays, which is an ideal solution for people with sensitive skin.

Guarden’s team worked in tandem with biologists, entomologists, and world class design engineers to develop the best eco-conscious mosquito repellent product on the market. Unlike other outdated solutions on the market, Guarden’s treatment methods are grounded in science, inexpensive and effective. Due to its non-toxic design, the product is also safe to use for all customers, including children and pregnant women.

Bandito’s battery, which powers the sound function, lasts around 500 hours, and the scent lasts about two weeks. The battery and scent are both affordable and easily replaceable. Simply pop open Bandito and insert the new refills and battery into the cartridge.

Bandito is available now on Indiegogo and shipping to backers by mid August 2018.

Backers can purchase the Bandito Solo Pack in black or white, regularly priced at $35, up to 45% off during the campaign’s Early Bird special.

Other available pledge levels include:
• Bandito Friends Pack: 2 bracelets with 1 refill pack (1 battery with 12 scent strips) for $54
• Bandito Family Pack: 4 bracelets with 4 refill packs for $89
• Bandito Party Pack: 10 bracelets with 10 refill packs for $169

Guarden will also donate 1% of its revenue to Malaria No More.

Guarden is an eco-conscious pest control provider with a deep understanding and appreciation of the natural world around us. We work in tandem with biologists, entomologists, and world class design engineers to bring our customers the best eco-conscious pest repellent products on the market. Committed to helping the community, we strive to prevent and control pest and mosquito invasion, while also educating consumers on the potential health risks posed by these pests.

Unlike other outdated solutions on the market, our treatment methods are grounded in science, inexpensive and effective. Our advanced technology focuses on eliminating any pests or insects and executing prevention measures to help control unwanted invaders in the future.

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