Intex Expanding its Domestic Manufacturing Operations amid “Make in India” Push – Counterpoint Technology Research

Intex* is ramping up its domestic assembly and manufacturing of mobile phones to become more cost competitive and control the design and quality of its products


New Delhi, October 18th, 2016:
Intex*, one of the first Indian company to start with manufacturing in India has quickly scaled its domestic manufacturing operations of mobile devices since 2015 and is looking to expand the same, which is corroborated by the company’s plans to open another bigger manufacturing unit in Greater Noida spreading over eight hectares with a mobile handset manufacturing capacity of 35 million units per annum, noted the report released by Counterpoint Technology Research. Counterpoint Research analysts visited Intex’s Noida mobile phone manufacturing operations, which is one of its five manufacturing facilities by Intex. Three out of five manufacturing facilities by Intex are located in Noida which commenced their operations in 2015 while the other two are located in Baddi (HP) and Jammu (J&K) with operations dating back to 2010 and 2004 respectively.

Intex Manufacturing locations by product categories
Plant Location Operations started Area (Sq. ft.) Products Annual Capacity (Mn)
Jammu 2004 51,000 Multimedia Speakers 1.8
Baddi 2010 70,000 LED TVs, Feature phones, Mobile batteries and chargers FP (8Mn),TV (0.6), Batteries(15), Chargers (8)
Noida – I 2015 50,000 Feature phones 15
Noida – II 2015 1,00,000 Smartphones 20
Noida – III 2016 50,000 Mobile batteries and chargers 25
Greater Noida (*Planned) 2017* 8,50,000 Phones, LED TVs, Washing machines, Mobile accessories  

The report by Counterpoint Technology Research noted that Intex has been manufacturing in India different products since over a decade now and been among the very few brands to start domestic assembly of phones in India. This has allowed Intex to take advantage of certain benefits amid the Indian government’s “Make in India” push. However, the level of current value add to the country’s GDP can be improved with greater investments in R&D, in-house design and shift to higher level automation driven manufacturing process.  Intex is aiming to address this gap through its upcoming facility where it is planning to manufacture some of the components like speakers, PCBs, casings other than batteries and chargers.

Mr. Narendra Bansal, Chairman & Managing Director (CMD), Intex Technologies, said, “The push given to domestic manufacturing through Make in India campaign will prove to be the growth engine for the Indian economy and will be the key to achieving the objective of unleashing India’s manufacturing prowess. We wholeheartedly support this and in line with that, we are associated with manufacturing in India since 2001 and are continuously increasing the capacity.”


Amitabh Khurana, Head, Manufacturing, Intex Technologies, “Intex is associated with manufacturing in India since 2001 and the company is manufacturing about 2 million phones per month presently. Currently we have 5 manufacturing units in India – one in Jammu, one in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh and three in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Further, we are coming up with a sixth manufacturing unit in Kasna – Greater Noida. To further consolidate, Intex has already begun the process for manufacturing the components used in mobile phones and developing an entire ecosystem of ancillary units feeding the main unit. By mid of 2016, up to 30-40% of components used in the production of mobile phones will be manufactured in India via Technical JVs. The target is to manufacture the complete unit of mobile phone including components in India in a year’s time.”


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*Intex Technologies has recently been awarded as India’s most trusted brand under the India’s Best Mobile Phones Category by IBC InfoMedia (A Division of International Brand Consulting Corporation, USA)