InterraIT’s Strategic Focus on Pervasive Analytics, Machine Learning and IoTas Competitive Edge

New Delhi, June 9, 2017– Pervasive Analytics, Machine Learning, and Internet of Things are among the next generation technologies that InterraIT will focus on as it pushes to retain its edge in the IT consulting industry. To this end, the company will harness advances for digital transformation such as cloud computing and machine learning, Chief Executive Officer Asoke Laha told employees at the company’s quarterly Town Hall meeting in May. A unique forum that encourages employee interaction with senior management, the event was held at the company’s Noida Delivery Center.

Mr Laha, who is widely quoted in the media on the challenges facing the IT industry, told the gathering that today’s engineers need to focus on productivity, value addition, domain knowledge, and customer service. Regarded as an expert on the application and adoption of cloud computing technologies, he believes that such solutions can work wonders for small and medium enterprises (SME) that employ 40 percent of the workforce, are growing at a rate of eight percent. This explains why 68 percent of such companies use cloud computing solutions for enhanced productivity. Estimates are that “the cloud computing market in India is worth about $4.5 billion and that as it continues to grow it will create over two million jobs,” Mr Laha has been quoted as saying.

Mr Laha said the focus on next generation solutions and innovative technology offerings will help the company to innovate, re-skill and adapt to the changing technology landscape. “The one thing that remains constant is our commitment to meeting and exceeding customer expectations,” Mr Laha asserted.

Also present was Senior Vice President, Aniruddha Guha Sarkar, who talked about InterraIT’s evolving service portfolio with comprehensive solutions based on Big Data, IoT and Cloud technologies. “We have built a strong pipeline in the Data Analytics and Cloud space and are striving to compete more effectively by fostering innovation and increasing ROI,” he said.

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In the 20 years since its establishment, InterraIT transformed the information technology workspace with a view to bridge the arbitrary divide between employment and fulfilment.

The company philosophy puts the individual center stage to encourage value creation based on entrepreneurial skills, team work and leadership. This approach bridges the divide between contract and trust, compliance and discipline, control and support, constraint and stretch.

The result: a 500-strong team of inspired individuals serving 75 satisfied global customers, who engage with InterraIT through multi-year and repeat contracts; and a financially sound company with rich prospects for the future.

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