Interdisciplinary approach to learning will improve critical thinking skills of learners: Pearson MyPedia study

– Up to 8% annual gain in learners scores on tests measuring target skills


New Delhi, 26 September 2018: Interdisciplinary learning engages students and helps them to develop knowledge, problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and a passion for learning, suggests Pearson MyPedia study. With an aim to examine the success of intended learner outcomes, the study highlights that learners have shown an annual gain up to 8% in their scores on tests measuring target skills.

During the study, 2000 stakeholders including academic leaders, teachers, and parents highlighted that lack of minimal teaching and pedagogy skills among teachers is one of the key attributing factors to low learning level. To provide learners an engaging and enriched learning experience, Pearson India offers MyPedia that integrates all learning and teaching tools in a well-designed scientific manner to transform education delivery and enhance the way of ‘How Children Learn’.

MyPedia, the only fully integrated learning programme is convenient, easy to use and delivers intended outcomes including improvement in learner’s engagement. The study indicates that the three key factors influencing the adoption of MyPedia include academic delivery support, assessment services, and professional development. 91% of the principals and teachers found MyPedia convenient and easy to use in classrooms. Interestingly, 91% of the principals and teachers strongly agree that MyPedia helps learners in interdisciplinary learning across different subjects. Additionally, 92% of principals and teachers believe that MyPedia promotes higher order thinking among students.

Mr. Ujjwal Singh, Vice President, Product & Innovation, Emerging Markets, Pearson Education, Pearson India said, “We are committed to helping learners make measurable progress in their lives through learning and with MyPedia, we aim to improve the way teachers teach and students learn. We understand that different learners learn at a different pace, style, and time.  MyPedia leverages digital transformation and uses curricular approach by giving ownership of learning to digitally empowered 21st-century learners through a variety of applications. The specially crafted set of course books of MyPedia use an interdisciplinary learning approach and a robust pedagogy designed to provide a holistic learning experience to a learner and support learning even beyond the four walls of a classroom.”


To make measurable progress in the thinking skills of learners by improving access to quality learning resources, MyPedia along with the regular textbooks offers multimedia objects for the teacher lesson plan. It uses a suite of assessments and the science of measurement to gauge gains in target academic skills. Based on the 5i model learning model, MyPedia enables teachers teach better through scientifically designed interactive teaching plans to develop higher order thinking skills among learners.

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