Integrated Townships – A Return To The Good Life: Arvind Jain, Managing Director – Pride Group

arvind jain - desk1Integrated townships are fast becoming the future residential format across the globe. Essentially a self-sufficient urban microcosm or ‘city inside a city, an integrated township encompasses all the necessary amenities for a modern lifestyle – including residential complexes, commercial buildings, entertainment opportunities, medical facilities and even educational institutions.

Thus, a person living inside an integrated township is never far away from the things that make our lives enjoyable, productive and wholesome. Apart from bringing everything close together, integrated townships provide communities and environments that are peaceful and secure. Like-minded people can live together in an environment of harmonious coexistence.

Today, there is a distinct lack of quality facilities to cater to home owners within our cities. While the cities themselves grow constantly with more and more people coming in in search of job, the residential options most have to choose from are in projects or areas that are bereft of everyday advantages. Most of these people are you and on the threshold of their professional careers, yet aspiring for a good life.

A concept that was first born out of the surging IT and ITES sector in India, integrated townships present such professionals with a possibility to comfortably raise a family in safety, comfort and convenience.

The population explosion in India has spilled into all corners of the country, but especially into cities like Pune, Bangalore, Delhi NCR and Mumbai. Compared to the population of the year 2000, there has been a growth of more than 40 percent. By 2030, India’s population growth is likely to cross the 60 percent mark, with more than 60 crore people living in the main cities.

Interestingly, more than 60 percent of Pune’s cityscape is now occupied by professionals from the IT and ITES sector – an industry that will continue to generate a massive number of jobs over the next few years. In such a scenario, integrated townships are the only viable residential option for professionals looking for the security and comfort of a modern lifestyle far enough from the concrete jungle but yet accessible from the workplace.

Pune has already distinguished itself with various successful integrated townships in and around the urban center. Apart from the many other advantages that these complexes offer, the residents of these townships have discovered the benefits of living amid open spaces with sufficient lung space for healthy movement of air, boosting mental and physical well-being. Also, they no longer need to commute through traffic snarls to reach hospitals, shopping outlets and their children’s schools.

Security is another major issue that integrated townships solve for their residents. We read about the escalating crime rate in our metros in the papers every day, and the police are challenged to provide better security for the city’s numerous densely-packed housing projects. Integrated townships that provide cutting-edge modern security systems that drastically reduce the risk of theft and burglary as well as road accidents.

Parents can once again allow their children to play in the park or on the playground without fear, and senior citizens enjoy the benefit of a safe, healthy and active lifestyle in their Golden Years. These are dimensions of freedom that citizens ceased enjoying many decades ago in our crowded metros. The parks and community halls inside an integrated township facilitate enhanced social living for inhabitants of all age groups.

In an age of constant power cuts, water shortages and failing municipal services systems in the chaotically urbanized area, residents of integrated townships enjoy 24×7 water supply, uninterrupted electricity and round-the-clock maintenance. All issues that threaten the smooth functioning of these residential communities are tackled immediately by dedicated staff and services.

Finally, while integrated townships are cities in their own right, they are also never far away from the main city. The new integrated townships around Pune and the other major cities of India have been strategically established close to airport, train stations and the main city centers. Their residents enjoy the best of all worlds and are finally able live in wholesome, stress-free environments. Not surprisingly, the township option is rapidly becoming the default choice for India’s new generation of urban dwellers.