Innovation and Smart Learning Can Go a Long Way in Changing Our Future

WeSchool - LogoThanks to the advent of smart education, whiteboards (projectors) will soon replace blackboards and the traditional chalk will be swapped with multimedia animation in schools everywhere.

A smart learning environment (SLE) is a physical environment that’s been enriched with context-aware and adaptive devices for the purpose of promoting effective learning. Unlike traditional classes where the schedule is fixed, a smart learning environment is more inclusive, flexible and fun. However, the biggest distinction between the two is that traditional learning is teacher-centric, whereas, smart learning is technology driven and learner-centric.

As of now, only a handful of educational institutes in India provides SLEs. Welingkar is one of them and it offers its students an ecosystem of consistent learning which is engaging and competency-based.

The condition for any new solution to be termed as a successful innovation is that it must improve status-quo and reach scale. The integration of technology in the teaching sector promises to do just that by making it possible for education to reach a larger percentage of under-served populations.

Together innovation and smart learning can change our way of life. Intel Corp. co-founder Robert Noyce once said, “At the heart of what is possible is innovation and imagination.” Innovation is the need of the hour for any country that wishes to compete at a global level and raise the living standards of its citizens. To encourage innovation, India needs to instil a robust culture of innovation and creativity in its people. For this, technological innovation of the educational system is the best way forward. The adoption of SLEs on a larger scale will completely revolutionize the education system.

It is impressive that the digitization of educative curriculum and processes has the potential to inspire the same spirit of innovation of which it is born. Smart education will lead to smart citizens leading to sustainable smart cities, believes Prof. Uday Salunkhe, Group Director and Principal, L. N. Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research (WeSchool).

Not only will smart learning motivate India’s youth to innovate and enrich their communities, it will also equip them to succeed personally. One can unlock many prospects through smart learning. This type of learning makes the student future ready for the fast-changing global knowledge economy. Custom tailored and tech-savvy lesson plans, like the ones at WeSchool, bestow skills and abilities to the next generation which are vital for them to understand and function in an increasingly complex world and to become global citizens.

The recent easing of the regulatory framework and enabling of infrastructure for Make in India has set the stage for innovators and investors alike. The initiative may soon make the country a global leader in manufacturing and technology. With such an environment which is conducive to digital innovation, one can capitalize on smart education to excel in their career or further the innovation revolution by way of a start up.

WeSchool was awarded the ‘Best Innovative Institute’ & Prof. Dr. Uday Salunkhe the ‘Best Education Entrepreneur Award’ by ASSOCHAM in March, 2016.