New Delhi: Sunday, October27, 2013

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            The 67th Infantry Day is being celebrated today. It was on this momentous day in 1947, when the princely State of Jammu and Kashmir was under attack by the tribal raiders supported by the troops of the newly formed Pakistani Army, that the first Infantry contingent of Indian Army, the troops of the First Sikh Infantry Battalion, landed at Srinagar Airfield and fought a courageous battle to liberate the Kashmir valley from intruders. To commemorate this gallant action by the infantry, October 27 is celebrated as the Infantry Day.

The heroes and martyrs of the undaunted Infantry have not only upheld the hallowed traditions of our Army, but also have enriched them by their glorious deeds of valour and sacrifice. The Infantry is considered the most battle hardened and indispensable component of the Armed forces and will continue to remain the most operationally committed combat arm considering the need to guard India’s varied, inhospitable and rugged terrain on its Northern and Eastern frontiers, be it in conventional operations or operations on the Siachen Glacier, Line of Control, or combating terrorism. The performance of Infantry in UN Peace Keeping operations abroad has also raised the professional esteem of the Indian Army in the eyes of the international community.

The infantry has always stood by the nation in times of crisis. During the Uttrakhand Flash Flood Relief Operations in June 2013, the Infantrymen had displayed utmost dedication, courage and selfless devotion to duty. To mark the occasion, Army Chief Gen Bikram Singh, Colonels of the Infantry Regiments and senior veterans of Infantry laid wreaths at India Gate and paid homage to the braves of the Infantry.