What your Industry segment wants from the New Year – Able Wanamakok responds:

PRnMarketing Logo2Q1. What is the one thing that you wish for the benefit of your industry segment?
In my PR/Marketing/Broadcast media industry, I wish for more responsible programming that educates people + entertain while depicting the realities of life.  I don’t mean reality TV because its usually focused on a small group of people or celebs, but instead focus on a culture, truths, hardships that will initiate positive change in the viewers lives.  
Q2. What will be the most important thing that you would like to achieve in 2015?  
The most important thing is always to keep a balance in my life.  My priorities are to be healthy & happy, care for my family & children and then achieve in my career (in that order).  Because without health, you cannot do anything to help others, without your family you have no anchor in your life, then only afterwards to achieve all my dreams in my career and be in more national and international programs.  
Q3. What is your message to our readers for the year ahead?  
Be less selfish and more loving and compassionate towards other you know and don’t know.  Donate to less fortunate people, shows acts of kindness regularly and pray more for peace on earth.  We are all connected in many many ways.  


Able Wanamakok is an experienced international television host, news anchor, film actress and Emcee (MC). She is currently acting as the producer/presenter for Fashion|One International Network in Thailand, News Anchor of Andaman News on NBT and Travel Show Host of Thailand@Large on Thai PBS/NBT.  She speaks fluent English, Chinese (Cantonese) and intermediate Thai.

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