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India, Delhi, 1st August 2014 :
Assocom Institute of Baking Technology and Marketing (AIBTM) situated at (Knowledge Park III), Greater Noida  has become the first choice for students seeking admission in Bakery Institute.
This year’s response to various courses being offered by the AIBTM has been more than encouraging.
Within one year, AIBTM has become the most primitive choice of students, which fill the dream and life of student with flying colors. Career in the culinary arts is undergoing rapid growth, and offers dynamic opportunities for all those with a taste for food. The essence of AIBTM success lies in requisite exposure and academic knowledge, it is only time and experience which give you confidence and mastery with interactive sessions.
Subhash Kapoor,Chairman, AIBTM says” Today with globalisation and the opening of the economy to an international market, the Indian bakery industry has grown exponentially, with almost every international hotel chain operating in India requiring an increasing number of trained Pastry chefs and bakers”.
By joining, Assocom Institute of Baking Technology and Marketing (AIBTM) , you get acquainted with basic cooking techniques; gain insights into culinary secrets of different regions,  position to assess  industry standards; polish your art of presentation; understand the mechanics of sanitation and safety; go through the basics on personal management development;
career development (time/training management); book keeping and, restaurant accounting; sales, loss prevention; marketing and palate development.
Raj Kapoor, CEO & Managing Director of AIBTM said ” Whether making sugar sculptures, elegant wedding cakes, or simply adding that final drizzle of chocolate to the perfect torte, a baker knows the importance of visual appeal as well as of good taste.  Being a baker is more than just knowing how to bake bread”.
He also added that “In the culinary community, pastry chefs have a unique focus on baked goods and desserts. From kneading the dough for a morning Danish, to icing a child’s birthday cake, to dipping strawberries in chocolate for a romantic evening, a career in this field involves a wide range of ingredients and culinary techniques that capture the imagination of the most creative
and skilled chefs”.
With wide variety of courses and careers, the thriving Bakery industry is an attractive option after Class XII. The industry offers many options, both in what you can do and where you work. A charming personality and passion to serve and help guests will take you far in this field. A specialisation in bakery truly enables you to have your cake and eat it too.
 Following are the Degree, Certificate and Diploma courses offered by AIBTM:
• PG Diploma- Bakery Science & Technology ( One Year)
• PG Diploma- Pattisseries & Artisan Bakery Skills ( One Year)
•  Diploma- Bakery Technology & Management ( Two Years)
•  Diploma in Patisserie & Artisan Bakery Craft ( One Year)
•  International Diploma in Bakery Science & Technology ( Four years)
• International Degree in Bakery Craft & Technology ( Four years)
•  Capsuled Program on Advance Bakery Technology ( Six Weeks)
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 India’s first of its kind state-of-the-art institute dedicated to education,
training, research and development in bakery and allied food technology. Located at  (Knowledge Park III), Greater Noida. Faculty orientation are designed in collaboration with international organisations such as AIB International School of Baking, (formerly known as American Institute of Baking), America Society of Baking (ASB) and Hyejeon College, South Korea. Its board of directors, technical and advisory council comprises experienced professionals from India’s private as well as public sector.