The incredible story of Monoranjan Roy, CMD, Pincon Spirit Limited

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The incredible story of Monoranjan Roy, CMD, Pincon Spirit Limited.

He was one of the many who throng Kolkata’s colleges every year in search of education as a ticket to prosperity. He was one of the even more who, armed with their degrees, run from Kolkata’s pillars to posts, in search of the ever elusive “career”. And, he was one of the innumerable who are unsuccessful in connecting their youthful dreams with the stark realities of life. But, it is here that the similarities end. For this man, who had failed to get the employment he deserved, decided to venture out on his own and took a vow, that one day, he will create the jobs that young men seek – putting on their lips the smile that he had failed to smile himself. The year was 1996.

Cut to 2016. The same man, who had once roamed the city’s streets with his bio-data and photocopies of his mark sheets duly attested, is today the Chairman and Managing Director of a company with a turnover of INR 950+ crores. His business empire spans across 6 states with 6 state of art manufacturing facilities, where he manufactures products that are sold in across India and flaunts of brands that are among the fastest growing in their respective segments. He is perhaps the biggest disruptor, if one can borrow the term from the world of the start-up’s in India’s liquor industry and is acknowledged as a leader of exceptional managerial skills by the stalwarts of the industry. But most importantly, he directly employs 1000+ people in his entity. Not bad for one who was jobless just the other day. Not bad as an achievement within a span of twenty odd years either.


Meet Monoranjan Roy, CMD of the BSE and NSE Listed Pincon Spirit Limited (PSL). PSL, the flagship Company of PSL Group is one of the few companies from Eastern India that can lay claim to the kind of trailblazing success that it has achieved. Today, the company’s businesses are spread across Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL), Indian Made Indian Liquor (IMIL) in Country Liquor Segment (C.S.Liquor), Retail Chain of IMFL / IMIL Off & On Shops and Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) being Edible Oils of different types. As a matter of fact, PSL is the only company in India to have business presence in  both  the IMIL / IMFL and FMCG products a fact that accords it with an unique edge apart from cushioning its businesses from the natural crests and troughs of commodity cycles. From a Multi – State player to be PAN India Company PSL too has made the same mind boggling transition that it’s moving spirit Monoranjan Roy. It will not be out of place to mention here the fact that

PSL also enjoys another unassailable edge in the IMFL / C.S. Liquor by way of having an active presence in the entire chain of production, wholesale and retail, which has contributed to its Brand Dominance and Brand Acceptance, resulting in synergies that lead to much greater sales volume, profitability and cash flow.

Says Ray, “you will not be able to gauge the kind of hardships that I have gone through, or the innumerable failures and rejections that I have been subjected to, by looking at Pincon today. The brands that are now hailed as leaders, this business that is now being talked about as pioneering, the revenues that we now post – are all results of the blood, sweat and tears that I have put in for years at an end, often not knowing how or what the new dawn will bring in. Life is neither easy, nor kind to the lone warriors at the bottom of the pyramid and it was my resolve, to fight to the finish, every time life threw up a new challenge that has brought me here”.

“But it will be wrong to say that the war is over: only the challenges have become more demanding, the stakes have become higher” says the down to earth Ray, who is preparing his empire for another surge forward. His message to all those who dream of the dreams that he had dreamt one day is equally simple: “don’t give up, however bad the situation may look, just tell yourself that it can’t get any worse and carry on. For life is not about winning or losing – it is all about fighting!”

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