Implementation of law very important for sustainable development

  • The NorthCap University organizes 2-day International Conference with students from all over the country

Prof. Puspesh Pant discussing importance of sustainable development to students With the ever growing population it is very important that we understand the need and importance of sustainable development. Smart city planning for sustainable development is very crucial to meet the challenges of continuing growth without destroying the environment. Therefore, The NORTHCAP University recently organized an ‘International Conference on Change in Shape of Sustainable Development’ to discuss the research papers on sustainable issues in India and across the globe from scholars. The conference was one of a kind as it witnessed students from various communities and different part of the country come together to share a common platform and discuss the need and importance of sustainable development. More than 150 students from various law colleges from various states including Delhi University, Aligarh Muslim University, Amity University, Noida, J & K University, NLU Delhi, NLU Jodhpur, RML NLU Lucknow also participated in the conference and their students presented their research papers. Mr Krishnna P Lall, Director, United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) Centre for South Industrial Cooperation, New Delhi graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. The conference was also attended by Prof. Prem Vrat, Pro-Chancellor, NCU, Prof. Pushpesh Pant, Dean and Professor, NCU Law School, Mr Raghav Srivastava, WWF, Delhi, Prof. Saligram Bhatt, Professor Emeritus, NCU and Mrs Ritu Dhingra, Research Scholar, NCU.

Research papers were invited from scholars, students, researchers, academicians and experts on various issues related to sustainable development. The selected ones got a chance to present themselves at the conference. Mr Krishnna P Lall, Director, UNIDO Centre for South Industrial Cooperation, New Delhi addressed the audience and explained about the international policy of UN on various issues of sustainable development.  He also stressed on the need for a local law in the country that pertains to sustainable development. The seminar focussed on various topics related to sustainable development like operationalising governance for sustainable rural livelihood, linking knowledge and action for sustainable development etc.

On the occasion, Prof. Prem Vrat, Pro-Chancellor, The NorthCap University said that it is the high time for us to work on developing new technology to cater to the demands of the society with the optimum resource utilization so that we can develop sustainably to meet the demands of future.

Launch of 3 books written by Ms. Ritu Dhingra  Research scholar  The NorthCap University

Students were explained the consequences that India as well as the world as to suffer after 2030. A comparison between 2015- 2030 was made which showed that there will be immense scarcity of resources after 2030 and not more than 5% of the total population will be able to use the resources.  Mr Raghav Srivastava, WWF, Delhi delivered a keynote address on ‘Role of Law in defining Sustainable Development and Dissemination of Innovation’ and deliberated on the subject. He also explained the gap we have in making and implementing the policies for sustainable development and its impact on human rights, criminal rights etc.

The invited dignitaries also released a trilogy of three books authored by Mrs Ritu Dhingra, Research Scholar, NCU Law School titled: Environmental Conservation (Indian Traditions), Environmental Jurisprudence (National and International) and Floral Bio-Diversity (Economic and Environmental Benefits).