IIM Lucknow is a part of International Research Project on Global Mobility Monitor Network

Lucknow, November 9, 2012

Dr. Sanjay Singh, a faculty member in Business Environment area at IIM Lucknow has been nominated as a team member in an international research project titled Global Mobility Monitor Network.

Project Details

The Civil Engineering Department of Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore has taken up a research project titled “Global Mobility Monitor Network (GMMN)”, which will study and compare (on a common and agreed scale) the present as well as future mobility patterns in BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, and China), the USA and Germany. IISc has undertaken the part of the study to be done in India.

Institute for Mobility Research (ifmo) in Germany has initiated and funded this research project. This institute (http://www.ifmo.de/basif/english/index.htm) is based in Munich, Germany and has been established by BMW group with Members of Board of Trustees from various modes of transport like, Lufthansa Airlines, German Railway, BMW, MAN, and also from World Bank. GMMN will assess the recent history, status quo and future prospects of mobility in the study countries. The following are the objectives of GMMN project:

  • To provide information about the status quo of mobility based on common mobility indicators to enable comparability among the study countries
  • To provide a systematic and comparative analysis of the expected future prospects for mobility for the year 2020 from the perspective of the six study countries.

The fact that the project focuses on BRIC countries and compares them to the developed countries like Germany and USA reinforces the growing recognition of India and other BRIC countries as the most promising and fast growing economies of the world and therefore they are receiving a lot of international attention in recent times. The research project will be carried out over next 7 to 8 months and the output of the same will be particularly useful to the international stakeholders, who are into providing mobility solutions, products, and funding. From each of the study countries, a team of 4-5 members are working on the project. The following are the team members from India:

Dr. Ashish Verma, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

Dr. Anjula Gurtoo, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

Dr. S. Velmurugan, Central Road Research Institute, New Delhi.

Dr. Sanjay K. Singh, Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow.

Dr. T. V. Ramanayya (Retd. Prof.), Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore

The mobility patterns in the six study countries will be studied and compared by taking few samples cities from each country that reflects different population level, geographical and cultural setup etc. prevalent in that country. To carry out the study, six sample cities have been identified from India. These include – Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Indore and Guwahati. The project will help bring international attention and investment on mobility to the selected sample cities in particular and other Indian cities in general. It will also help improve our understanding about how the mobility patterns differ between Indian cities and similar cities in other BRIC and developed countries and how they relate to the level of economy and growth in the study countries.

The project will require substantial interaction with the Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) and other stakeholders related to mobility in each of the sample cities and therefore introductory letters regarding the project have already been sent to most of them. Also, stakeholder consultation meetings will be organized in due course in each of the sample cities, where inputs and suggestions will be sought from the concerned stakeholders.