iConsumer-LogoiConsumer Gets a Jumpstart Under The JOBS Act


(CHICAGO) – iConsumer is the first company of its kind: a coupon and cash back website/app that also rewards customer loyalty by giving away ownership. iConsumer turns their customers into stockholders every time they shop for deals and coupons, earn cash back rebates and refer friends to shop.

iConsumer offers access to savings on more than 45,000 brands and cash back from 1600+ stores such as Target, Overstock.com and Expedia in addition to giving away stock in iConsumer.

Founded by Robert Grosshandler, creator of the trailblazing e-philanthropy site iGive, iConsumer is the first company leveraging Title IV, Tier 2 (“Reg. A+”) of the 2012 JOBS Act. Upon iConsumer’s SEC qualification, iConsumer customers will receive freely tradeable stock in this new kind of public company.

“iConsumer is the only company to offer tradeable stock to all of its customers,” says Grosshandler. “We’re building on the premise that ordinary people, the 99%, should have access to the startup economy. Consumers – if they know it or not – help companies grow big, go public and become very valuable; we at iConsumer believe those customers should be rewarded for their contributions.”

Grosshandler adds, “Congress made crowdfunding a startup possible. The SEC’s rules made it practical. We turned it inside out by making every customer a shareholder.”

iConsumer’s innovative features include:

  • Ownership: Sign up as a member on iconsumer.com to automatically receive 100 free shares of stock. Referring new users to iConsumer also earns customers 100 more free shares. With every dollar of cash back earned, they also earn a dollar of iConsumer stock.
  • Shopping: With more than 45,000 brands and 1600+ stores offering deals on iConsumer, there is an incredible selection of saving opportunities. Coupons and exclusive sales take place daily on iConsumer with thousands of cash back deals on everything from flowers to hotels. iConsumer also offers in-store coupons and deals for shoppers who prefer to shop in brick-and-mortar stores.
  • Benefits: Being an iConsumer owner is about more than money, it’s about being part of the iConsumer community – learning about startups, learning about investing and helping to build the business. iConsumer is releasing its Shareholder Academy next quarter, where shareholders and visitors can participate in the growth of a startup, learning about the thrills and opportunities a growing business encounters.

iConsumer filed with the SEC in September. Once SEC qualified, iConsumer Corp. will comply with the heightened transparency and accountability the SEC regulations require. This includes audited financial statements, quarterly and annual reports and management discussions about performance. In keeping with its goal of educating its shareholders, iConsumer will host webinars, provide financial dashboards and opportunities for interaction with management (See Shareholder Academy above). In addition to customers earning stock, accredited and unaccredited investors will be able to invest in iConsumer via StartEngine.com, an equity crowdfunding portal.

ABOUT ICONSUMER: iConsumer is the first company to make every customer a shareholder with tradeable stock. iConsumer offers great savings with deals and coupons from 45,000+ brands, and enables customers to earn cash back from 1600+ stores such as Target, Overstock and Expedia as well as earn stock in iConsumer with each purchase. Founded by e-philanthropy pioneer Robert Grosshandler, iConsumer is designed to help everyday people participate in building their financial future. For more information, visit www.iconsumer.com.