Humanscale announces the India launch of QuickStand Eco — the Next Generation Sit/Stand Ergonomic Workstations

QuickStand Eco is designed to transform any work surface into an active workstation


Bangalore, 2nd July, 2018: Humanscale, the pioneer and leader in office ergonomics, has announced the India launch of QuickStand Eco, the next generation sit/stand workstations. Humanscale has pioneered the sit/stand revolution with its popular Float table and QuickStand workplace solutions. Continuing in its commitment to function, simplicity and longevity, Humanscale’s next generation in portable sit/stand products, QuickStand Eco, is sleeker, easier to install, and comprised of more sustainable materials than previous products. It is designed to transform any work surface into an active workstation and accommodate users of varying heights. It can hold up to 16 kgs, is available in laptop, single or dual monitor configurations and offers 18” of work surface adjustment.

For years, traditional seated desks were the office standard. It wasn’t unusual for employees to work straight through the day while barely getting up for a lunch break. Yet over time, research continued to show how harmful sedentary behaviour is to their long-term health. Switching between seated and standing postures (sit/stand) throughout the day is not only good for energy and productivity, but for overall health. Studies have shown that incorporating periods of standing can burn calories, have a positive impact on well-being and prevent diseases such as heart disease, obesity and high blood pressure.

“With a focus on movement as a key to health and well being, the launch of QuickStand Eco coincides with a new wave in flexible workplace design. Companies are moving away from the “one size fits all” standard and now offer sit/stand workstations by request. With an increased public interest in health and well-being, more and more employees seek solutions like sit/stand products that will make their workday both more active and more comfortable.” said Alastair Stubbs, Country Manager India, Humanscale. “Starting at Rs 50,000+ taxes, QuickStand Eco is the most accessible sit/stand model from Humanscale yet; making it an affordable wellness solution that will blend into any work environment, improve employee performance and help to develop a more active workspace.”

      “QuickStand Eco utilizes minimal parts and pieces, limiting it’s environmental footprint and maintaining a minimal, clean aesthetic. It features simple setup and is easy to transport, making it a flexible option for both corporate and home offices. The effortless and instant height adjustability encourages users to sit and stand more often and the product can also be integrated with Humanscale’s innovative OfficeIQ software, which sends periodic alerts when it is time to adjust one’s position. QuickStand Eco complements a variety of workplaces and is designed to remain good-as-new in both appearance and functionality, even after 10 years of use.” added Alastair Stubbs.

      About Humanscale

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