Hotify revealed their new look with the launch of cards-based feature on its content discovery app


With an aim of keeping people informed by presenting content in an easily consumable format, the company knows that the key to Hotify’s success lies on how the app has been built.

Cards are an interaction model which is an important part of how Hotify presents the content. The semantic understanding of data allows the app to present the information and enables the user to read news headlines more swiftly and engage more on a card-based interface as compared to a scroll interface.

Hotify’s AI engine delivers personalised news relevant to a user,” said Aakash Porwal, co-founder and Producer Creative at Hotify, “we moved from scroll to card interface to provide a seamless and intuitive user experience for news consumption.”

On the scroll feature, the users have a tendency to focus on multiple pieces of information at any given instant, since they view 3-4 news simultaneously, thus distracting the user and missing the news relevant to them. Moreover, it is difficult for the users to scroll the content at their own pace, invariably making the them backtrack, which results in a waste of time and focus.

Cards can pull out information out of the app andmaking it relevant to the moment. It can take content out of silos, package them, and making them sharable. At the same time, they’re like canvases – not just files – the content that the user can pass around.

What makes them tick?

Many aggregation services will claim to have intelligent algorithms directing what articles get recommended to users – Hotify can do better. Hotify’s intuitive software application understands and responds to the user’s preference through a series of human-machine interactions and social signals. Millions of articles are evaluated and the algorithms pick what’s trending and relevant to a variety of users.

The machine learning-based recommendation system not only focuses on what the user clicks or pauses to read, but also studies the actions of users with similar interests.

Hotify continues to improve on their solution to deliver the users their preferred content without the intervention of human curation. By applying concepts like gamification, cognitive computing, and big data in real time, the company believes that the users will be engaged and delighted with the new experience.

About Hotify
Founded in 2015 by Alok Gautam (co-founder of travel venture, Travelocon & an IIM-A alumni) and Ankur Garg (co-founder of online platform,iamwire & an IIT Bombay alumni), the Bangalore-based startup expects to gain traction among India’s ever-growing mobile internet user base by providing a platform for the users to consume, curate, and share content based on their interests.