Hot Wheels! Anushka Sharma’s Special Love for Bicycles

Anushka Sharma is a naturally lean, athletic person. When it comes to exercising or staying fit, Anushka doesn’t need to be pushed to hit the gym ever. What most don’t know is just how fond Anushka is of outdoorsy activity.

aamir_khan_anushka_sharma_in_cycle DilDhadakneDoPoster

Her favorite way of exploring new places & natural beauty is atop a bicycle. Anushka loves to take bicycle rides through hilly terrain & new places when she takes a holiday. A strenuous form of exercise in itself, Anushka enjoys riding since her childhood. She is very fond of cycling, a hobby that she picked up as an Army kid. Her father was posted in faraway states of India. As an army kid Anushka used to cycle with her friends. Says a source close to her, “Anushka used to love cycling down the streets. She is very good at maneuvering bicycles and has held on to the habit ever since.”


That she is comfortable exploring a city’s streets on a bicycle is evident from her riding one in her blockbusters, ‘PK’  ‘Dil Dhadhakne Do’ and ‘NH10’.. Be it a carefree cycle ride along with Ranveer Singh down the streets of Istanbul, or biking in picturesque Bruges or for that matters even in Nh10, Anushka and her bicycle have become permanent memories from these films for fans.
Onscreen or off it, we hope Anushka keeps riding bicycles in the same carefree spirit for sometime to come!