Hong Kong International Jewellery Show: “Forecast 2018+” Seminar Reveals Jewellery Trends

Paola De Luca, Creative Director & Forecaster of TRENDVISION Jewellery+Forecasting revealed the upcoming mega trends in jewellery design in 2018: “Sustainable Harmony”, “Preserving our Heritage”, “Searching for Poetry” and “Futurama”.

Major Themes include “Sustainable Harmony” and “HONG KONG, Mar 5, 2017 – (ACN Newswire) – The latest jewellery industry trends were spotlighted at the Seminar on “Forecast 2018+” which was held yesterday (4 March) at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. The seminar was part of the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) from 2 to 6 March.

During the session, Paola De Luca, Creative Director & Forecaster of TRENDVISION Jewellery+Forecasting explained that predicting jewellery trends is similar to stock broking, where past data is closely examined in order to anticipate future trends. She revealed the upcoming mega trends in jewellery design: “Sustainable Harmony”, “Preserving our Heritage”, “Searching for Poetry” and “Futurama”.

Simplistic and savvy designs predicted for 2018

Jewellery designs under the theme of “Sustainable Harmony” reflect the lifestyle choices of the “Digital Modernist” consumer who is described as leading a technologically savvy and healthy life in a bid to create a better environment and a sustainable future for all. This trend features designs with geometric patterns, enamelled surfaces and coloured inlays. Retro 1970s-inspired slim diamond chains are predicted to be popular with consumers.

“One such jewellery trend is lightweight and silhouette designs which are popular around the world, as well as in China,” said Ms De Luca, “When it comes to the modern consumer, less is more. Minimalism has become very popular nowadays among people who lead a busy lifestyle and in turn, we forecast that this will give rise to an evolution in jewellery design which reflects people’s daily lifestyles.”

Predicted designs pay homage to the past

Another major trend explores the romance and gothic characteristics and exudes flair from the Renaissance era. Under the theme “Preserving our Heritage”, these jewellery pieces are characterised by fairy tale-like, esoteric elements such as crosses, amulets, talismans and lucky numbers. Intense colours and symbols are representative of this theme.

The “Searching for Poetry” trend highlights hand-made craftsmanship with the help of the latest technology such as 3D printers, laser cuttings, digital printing, engravings and photography. Such designs feature extravagant styles and patterns with references to the 1970s and 1980s. The abundant use of Middle Eastern jewels blended with allegorical and floral motifs and rich decorations will be common under this trend.

The last “Futurama” mega trend revolves around a design language that is futuristic and glamourous. Such designs will feature electric colour palettes and materials such as nano ceramics and PVD coatings with layers of “pixelate” covers. The trend will also include a sporty element that is described as “Couture-Fitness”.

A lucrative market for the jewellery industry

The Chinese mainland was seen as a particularly important market for discovering new jewellery design trends and business opportunities. “Jewellery demand in China has sustained continuous growth in recent years. Discovering the latest market trends and uncovering sources of future market growth for the jewellery industry in China is a new challenge for us,” Ms De Luca said. She added that different trends were identified by looking at consumer culture and taste, as well as the importance of recognising the values, language, design atmosphere, product directions and colours, which are all crucial factors for the jewellery industry.

The Seminar on “Forecast 2018+” was an event of the 34th HKTDC Hong Kong International Jewellery Show at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from 2 to 6 March. The show features about 2,580 exhibitors from 39 countries and regions. They are showcasing a wide range of finished fine jewellery, including top-tier jewellery pieces, famous brands, new designer collections, as well as collectable jewellery art pieces and antique jewellery.


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