Hiring through talent communities is the latest trend to hit India Inc: reports TechGig.com

techgigOver 60% organisations want to hire passive talent and see talent communities as future of recruitment and engagement: TechGig Study


A recent study by TechGig reveals that nearly 62 per cent organisations are engaging passive talent through talent communities to build a robust talent pipeline for acquisition.  Of these organisations, 12 per cent said that these communities have helped them in building their brand and reputation too.


May 5, 2015: Talent Communities are the creative hubs of the Internet Age – these are communities where what you do, and not who you are, is rewarded. Where individuals are valued for their knowledge, skill and dexterity and true merit-based reputations are built.


In recent times, talent communities have become buzzwords in recruitment. As they are able to attract, engage and highlight the most skilled professionals in a particular stream. From IT to HR, talent communities are used to engage socially activated talent around a particular skill and possibly recruit them for future needs.


Almost 60 per cent of start-ups, small and medium sized companies, planning to revamp their talent sourcing strategy, said that talent communities will be at the core of the recruitment plans, as it allows them access to skilled people who may not be looking for a job, but fit the requirement perfectly.


“Using a talent community only as a candidate pool is under-utilising the potential of what a community can do. Organisations have to learn to leverage them for much more.” states Abhijit Bhaduri, Chief Learning Officer at the Wipro Group.


“Keeping the dialogue alive is the key to a sustainable talent community. The need to find the right fit and competence is critical to the survival and success of start-ups who are planning for growth and expansion. Talent communities not only help identify and acquire the required talent, but also help an organisation foster creativity, strengthen its employee engagement and showcase their company’s culture on a day-to-day basis,” says Vivek Madhukar, COO, TimesJobs.com.


“TechGig.com is one such community where we have had tremendous success in the IT Sector. With webinars, discussion forums, contests, games and hangouts organised throughout the year – TechGig.com has become a platform for engaging with talent for over 15,000 companies.” adds Momshad Khan of TechGig.com


“It is a win-win situation, as companies are able to showcase their culture and techies are able to display their skills and talents. Many times, hidden gems are revealed through TechGig.com’s coding contests. Such as the Code Gladiators national level competition, which last year helped to unearth the talent of Maninder Pal Singh a small town boy from Muktsar, Punjab.” explains Momshad.


Talking about his experience at Code Gladiators, Singh said, “Code Gladiator was a great learning experience, personally and professionally.  It gave me an opportunity to assess my skills against my peers and it has helped me tremendously to hone my coding skills. Also, I earned accolades from industry leaders and Code Gladiator has opened many new avenues for me.”


Other key findings from the Study on Talent Communities:


  • 50% organisations said talent communities will be a crucial part of the future hiring strategy
  • 13% said tapping communities can be a game-changer in the recruitment space
  • 51% organisations said they preferred being part of an existing talent community
  • 58% organisations rate discussion forums as the most effective engagement tool,  followed by webinars
  • 13% organisations believe code contests are an effective engagement tool. 20% in IT feels the same.


“As half of India Inc plans to utilise talent communities for recruitment in future, it is crucial for the rest of corporate India to also engage in such communities in order to retain their competitive advantage – their high performance people.


For career growth, employees should also contribute to these communities, basis their skill, expertise and areas of interest. They must understand and learn the tricks of the trade – sharing, learning, interacting and being more visible.” advises Madhukar.


TechGig Code Gladiators 2015 is currently underway with over 70,000 participants and more than 80 companies – Click Here for Details – http://www.techgig.com/codegladiators


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