High leap of sugar industry in Madhya Pradesh

IMG_35925 times increase in sugar production in 5 year


Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal, 17th March 2014:


In the year 2013-14, Madhya Pradesh has achieved a high leap in production of sugar. According to a survey done by Sugar Mills Association and Department of Agriculture, 15 active sugar factories of state have produced 35 lakh quintal of sugar from 34.8 lakh metric ton of sugarcane by the end of April. This quantity is 78% more than the production done last year. 7 more factories in Burhanpur and Narsingpur district are in the process of production that will lead to increase in the amount of quantity of production. Also the chance of sugar recovery this year is expected to be 9.9%.

Almost 35-40% of sugarcane in the state is used for production of jaggery and Khandsari (another type of sugar). There is an estimate of 23 to 25 lakh quintal of sugarcane to be used in production of jaggery and other by-products.


Hemant Kumar, Chairman,  Sugar Mill  Association of Madhya Pradesh says “I’m happy that sugar industry in Madhya Pradesh is gaining speed. The processing of sugar has increased 5 times in these 5 years. Farmers are accepting this loss-less crop and this is leading in double the output of it. There will be increase in the factories for it in coming year that will also be beneficial for the farmers. I appeal farmers and industrialists to make the plans and execution for future according to the weather forecast so that there will be no loss in production and to the farmers”.


The total production of yielding in an area is 50% which is being increased using ethereal and other sprays.  This year even in summers due to sufficient water availability, there is satisfying amount of output. This is to be mentioned that many farmers have adopted this farming and has increased their profits. This year many harvester machines have been used for cutting the sugarcane and there is a hope that due to increased use of them, the problem of labor would be solved. If the monsoon proves to be satisfactory in Madhya Pradesh, the area production and productivity will also increase.