Hertwich Engineering receives order for melting furnace Lower metal losses and energy consumption for Impol

Impol from Slovenska Bristica, Slovenia, has placed an order with Hertwich Engineering, Austria, for the supply and erection of an ecomelt scarp melting furnace of the PS-120 type with preheat shaft.

The production capacity is 120t per day. Profile scrap and sheet metal will be predominantly melted. At temperatures below 650 degree Celsius, a hot-air flow heats the aluminum scrap, thus minimizing the oxidation of the material.

The Ecomelt furnace operates particularly economically when used for melting scraps containing organic substances: depending on the contamination, the gas consumption, the gas consumption can be reduced to 350-550 kWh/t and is thus far lower than for conventional melting furnaces. Impol thus saves energy costs and lowers the CO2 emissions. In addition, the metal losses fall to well below 3% thanks to the use of the immersion melting process.

Commissioning is scheduled for July 2013