Healthcare Awareness Session organised by MCCI

Chamber organized a session on Healthcare Awareness with Dr. Moon Chattaraj, Dental Consultant and Implantologist and HOD, Dental Department, AMRI Hospitals and Dr. Somdutt Prasad, Eye Surgeon, AMRI Hospitals. Dr. Anushree Agrawal and Dr. Amish Shah, Dental Consultants of AMRI Hospitals were also present.

Dr. Moon Chattaraj informed that Root Canal treatments are now painless, done without medication and need just 10 minutes for one tooth if done with laser. AMRI Hospitals has the highest number of implant cases in India. Implants are done within 3 hours and a patient takes 3 months for restoration. EMI facilities are also available. Cost of implants depends on materials used and could range between 40,000- one lakh. The team at dental department of AMRI, Kolkata has 51 dentists, specialized in different fields.

Dr. Somdutt Prasad highlighted the impact of diabetes on the eye, especially retina. India has maximum number of diabetic patients. So with bad disease, big numbers and bad companions like smoking, the problem of the retina increases. In England and Wales, after carrying out national screening process for over 20 years, research shows there is no more blindness due to diabetic retinopathy among the working age populations in these regions. Diabetic patients should go through annual screening of their retina. Sudden loss of vision, visualization of cobwebs and flashes, sudden loss of vision are early signs for retinal issues. Most ophthalmologists are concerned about the lenses in case of cataract patients but not the accompanied health problems.

Smt. Seema Agarwal, Chairperson, MCCI Ladies Forum in her welcome address mentioned the need for prevention rather than cure and enquired about the practices which can help in sustaining better oral health and good vision.