Health Advisory for Holi by Dr Sheilly Kapoor, Medanta – The Medicity

medantaTips for Healthy Holi contributed by Dr Sheilly Kapoor, Visiting Consultant, Department of Dermatology, Medanta – The Medicity.

  1. To avoid harmful effect of synthetic colours on your skin & hair, use natural homemade/herbal colours for playing Holi.

    2. Apply oil on scalp & moisturising cream on face both before & after playing Holi.

    3. Protect your nails by applying cream & if possible apply nail paint on hands and feet to protect them.

  1. Wear clothes that cover a lot of your skin, if possible cover your hair by wearing hat, cap or scarf.

    5. Protect your eyes from getting in direct contact with coloured powder, using sunglasses is a good idea.

    6. Cover your lips with a thick coat of Vaseline or lip balm.

    7. Avoid using permanent colours if someone has applied one on you, do not rub the skin use a good quality cleansing milk first followed by a gentle soap wash.

    8. Use a mild shampoo to cleanse hair.

    9. If you are a known asthmatic or suffer from respiratory allergy, do not venture out and play Holi with colours especially dry colours (Gulal).