Guangdong Chamber of Commerce signs MoU to Promote the Trade between India and China


Taking our PM’s initiative ‘MAKE IN INDIA’ a step ahead, Guangdong Chamber of Commerce in India signed two MoUs (Memorandum of Understanding) one with Alpha Test House and another with CHINA TRADE FORUM on 12th April 2016 at Hotel Pride Plaza, New Delhi for the promotion of trade and industry between India and China. The First MoU was signed by MS. CINDY YU, CEO of Silkroad Development Holdings Ltd (SRD , also the VIP unit of Guangdong Chamber of Commerce in India) and Mr. Dipesh Gupta CEO, Alpha Test House as well as another MoU was signed by MS. CINDY YU and Mr. Anurag Pahuja, CEO of China Trade Forum.


The event was inaugurated under the lighting of the lamp ceremony by MS. CINDY YU and Mr. Paul Chow, Executive Secretary General of  Guang Dong Electric Chamber of Commerce.

The main aim for signing these two MoUs was to increase the trade between India and china. To strive to create conducive environment for both the business communities of India and china, to enhance trade industry joint venture, cooperation collaboration in terms of increasing India China bilateral trade.

The signing of the MoU was witnessed by  Mr. Paul Chow, Executive Secretary General of Guangdong Electric Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Gurjit Sachdev , Founder of China Trade Forum, Mr. Mansoor Lari, Mr. Ashutosh Aggarwal, Assistant director, ministry of consumer affair, Mr. Subhash Khandelwal, Business Head of AAP, Leading Trader, Mr. Jagmohan Garg, Leading Builder, Owner of MSP Mall, Narela.

Speaking on the occasion MS. CINDY YU, CEO of Silkroad Development Holdings Ltd said “Silkroad Development Holdings was founded with a mission to follow PM Modi’s initiative ‘Make in india’ Silkroad, having the Sample Centers as one of the Unique concept and pillar of the business caters the buyers with majority of high quality and cost effective products by Chinese manufacturers under one roof.

Being one of the most demanded sector we took a step ahead by shaking the hands with Alpha Test Lab to ease the process of getting BIS certification for Chinese manufacturers. I think the age of exploration is just beginning, not ending, on our planet.
The closing of a door can bring blessed privacy and comfort – the opening, terror. Conversely, the closing of a door can be a sad and final thing – the opening a wonderfully joyous moment.—— Andy Rooney

On this note I at Silkroad feel proud in announcing the tie up between Alpha Test House and China Trade Forum”

Mr. Paul Chow lead a team here and expressed as to why and how having first of its kind MOU with a lab and a sample center can be beneficial for the business interests of both the countries’ entrepreneurs.

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Association with Alpha Test House will lead us to get faster consultation on BIS and allied requirements on electronic and electrical products which will help us in importing such products properly and will open doors for other overseas manufacturers to enter into India and setup manufacturing units.

Association with China Trade Center will lead us to have a platform and display the products at par with the competition in the market.

By having these two MOUs signed a single window solution gets open for Chinese entrepreneurs wherein in by United Electric Lab. they can get certifications consultations in a hassle free manner and display center will highlight their products making a mark in the domestic market.

 “I would like to thank for getting us this opportunity to become their key channel partners in India for testing of the various products that are being import from china and other parts of the countries and even for the products that are being manufactured in India” said Mr. Dipesh Gupta CEO, Alpha Test House.

Mr.Gurjit Sachdev, Founder of China Trade Forum said, “China trade forum was created with a vision to welcome Chinese to India. We have a lot cultural similarities yet there is lot to be done to synergize both the countries progress. Chinese people feel India is a good place to do business but with lot of difficulties, China trade forum is here to eliminate all difficulties and give a warm welcome to the Chinese people that we are Natural partners and the time is right for both the nations to go to next level of development and business”

The event came to an end by the exchange of shield between Ms. Cindy, CEO of  SRD and  Mr. Dipesh Gupta, CEO of Alpha Test House and Mr. Anurag, CEO of China Trade Forum.

About the Companies

Guangdong Chamber of Commerce in India

Guangdong Chamber of Commerce in India is a comprehensive non-profit organization, which serves as a bridge and exchange platform to provide support and advice for member enterprises to explore international market, to communicate between member companies and local government about relevant country laws and regulation as well as government’s guidelines and policies, to promote the operation and development of member enterprise in foreign countries, to organize members to attend Expos, trade fair, forum etc. , to build a platform introducing new projects, products and venture cooperation, and to promote the trade between India and China and improve their international competitiveness.

Silkroad Development Holdings is one of the members of Guangdong Chamber of Commerce in India.

Guangdong Electric Chamber of  Commerce

The Guangdong Electric Chamber of  Commerce  was established in 2007, approved by the Guangdong provincial people’s government functional departments, the registration number is: the public words,

No. 1117. It is consisted of the electric manufacturing companies, business units, scientific research and design units, colleges and universities, engineering installation and maintenance of enterprise, the existing members are more than one thousand . It plays an important role in the whole of Guangdong province and even of China.

Alpha Test House

Alpha Test House is one of the prominent service providers in the field of Testing Services like BIS certification, ROHS certification, WEEE certification and so on. They offer the accurate, reliable, dependable, timely quality testing services in the field of Electronic & IT Products, Electrical Wire & Cables, Home Appliances, Building and Construction Materials, Road Material, Food & Agro products, Rubbers & Polymers, Coal and Coke, Water & Environmental monitoring, Industrial Chemicals Testing, Soil analysis and Third Party Inspection etc.

China Trade Forum

China Trade Forum, a flagship organization created to explore the ways in which Indian and Chinese businesses can work together. It is your one stop solution for setting up business in India. They aim to deliver widest spectrum of solutions for business setting up in India, right from advising you on your business, set-up plan right till the necessary business support services like accounting, HR, payroll, record maintenance etc.