Good Dot enables India to return to vegetarian roots with breakthrough technology

Startup Company Charts New Path for India’s Increasing Taste for Non-Veg

UDAIPUR, India – Start-up company Good Dot has launched the first plant-based meat alternative to traditional mutton – the second most consumed meat in India. Building on the global plant-based protein trend, Good Dot is on a mission to develop and manufacture products that fit India’s unique market and evolving taste for meat.

“The stereotype of India as a vegetarian country is increasingly wrong,” says co-founder and CEO of Good Dot India, Abhishek Sinha. “Upwards of 70% of people do eat meat,” he notes, “and India has the opportunity to take a better path than the West when it comes to meeting our country’s growing demand for meat.”

A mission-driven company, the co-founders are giving India the ability to avoid the problems of industrialized animal agriculture that plague the West – including wasted resources, animal cruelty, air and water pollution, climate change, and threats to human health like obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

“The younger generations and growing middle class are pushing India away from its roots as a vegetarian country,” reports company co-founder and CFO, Deepak Parihar. “By developing a healthier product that provides the taste and texture of meat, for the same price, we can reverse the trend toward non-veg.”

Good Dot has drawn venture capital investment from Indian and global investors and demonstrated success with consumers by delivering a product that tastes amazing but is affordable. Good Dot’s game-changing proprietary technology provides a way to produce meat replacements at a fraction of the cost of competitors. A 250g pack (the industry standard size) sells retail for $1.75 – one-third the price of global competitors – and shocks taste-testers, who can’t believe it isn’t animal meat!

Good Dot has also addressed critical distribution challenges faced by global competitors. Their packaging technology and distribution network allow them to reach every sector of India without the need for refrigeration. Good Dot vegetarian meat is now available in 7,500 stores and can be delivered by over 1.2 million distributors across India.

“This is by far the hottest area of food tech in the U.S.,” notes Stephanie Downs, the only American co-founder and CEO of Good Dot Global, citing involvement of tech pioneers like Microsoft creator Bill Gates and Google founder Sergey Brin, celebrities from Leonardo DiCaprio to Sir Richard Branson, and even traditional meat producers, such as Tyson and Cargill. “The future demands a smarter way to feed the world,” she says, “and Good Dot is leading the way with a quality meat replacement anyone can afford.”


Good Dot is an Indian start-up in the rapidly growing plant-based protein industry. Our mission is to save lives – both human and animal – by bringing high-quality, affordable vegetarian meat to all of India. Good Dot manufactures products in India for India. Our products provide the taste, texture, and protein of meat without the negative impacts on your health, the environment, or the animals. Our products are good for all!

Good Dot vegetarian meat is available in over 7,500 locations and can be delivered by over 1.2 million distributors across India. For more information, please visit,  Facebook /gooddot, Instagram @gooddot, or Twitter @gooddotofficial