Going beyond co-working: Incuspaze Co-working and Incubation Centre is coming to Gurgaon

Image 325 January 2017: The global movement of incubation has arrived in Gurgaon through Incuspaze, a co-working space built with the purpose of providing a roof full of mentoring and support to budding entrepreneurs and startup founders. It is opening on 28th January 2017.


Necessity is the mother of “innovation” and now gradually, this is becoming a trend. Big data and analytics, internet of things and artificial intelligence are the next generation of hot growth areas for businesses across all industries. Co-working is the perfect way nurture their creative innovations and, in turn, economic development for the entire community.


Founder of Incuspaze, Sanjay Choudhary, announced the Gurgaon co-working space to be across 6000 sq. ft of co-working space designed keeping in mind what it stands for – a space for growth. This creatively designed office cum incubation center, conveniently located opp. Cyber Hub will begin its formal operations effective from 28th January.


Incuspaze is coming to the market with a whole new approach in delivering incubation center to the startups especially the ones in the artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT, data science, big data community.  Incuspaze aims to bring the best tech minds under one roof. As Sanjay puts it, “We are building a global self-sustainable ecosystem for startups and entrepreneurs.” With flexible lease options, state of the art facilities and location, the startup community has much to look forward to in Gurgaon. Until now, Gurgaon has lacked this type of space. Incuspaze is delighted to begin its journey of supporting these minds in Gurgaon/North India.


It has put together the incubation center concept as an amazing office program. While it is still a co-working space, it is offering a number of services in a seamless combination with learning, connecting and collaborating. It specially focuses on overcoming the barriers to success for startups through the Incuspaze ecosystem. The ecosystem comprising of Investor Connect, Mentor Connect and Services Connect bridges the gap of information and access to resources. Startups under the Incuspaze Incubation Program will be able to accelerate product/service development by implementing lean startup methodologies and through calculated risk-taking. They shall also have access to global and local investors.


Incuspaze appeals to those looking for an awesome office space, the space which can be used for networking, collaborations, financing and support. It is a space where a community of congenial freelancers, software developers, designers, writers, entrepreneurs, startups, will come together to develop together. Talking about startups in other domains like Ed-Tech, Clean-Tech, B2B, B2C, e-commerce, Sanjay said that these startups can leverage the best minds that will sit out of Incuspaze. Collaborating with startups to improve the technology in your product by use of AI/IoT could give you a competitive advantage. Currently, Incuspaze has incubated 4 startups and invested in 8. They launched their first centre in Lucknow and second in Indore.


Be it because of lack of exposure and experience, a need for effective human resources or even an office space, Incuspaze is here as the one stop solution for all startup needs.