Global Advancement in Pharmaceutical Research and Start-up

Kolkata, 22nd October 2016


The international seminar entitled “Global Advancement In Pharmaceutical Research and Startup” has been jointly organized by Guru Nanak Institute of Pharmaceutical Science & Technology under the flagship of JIS Group and Indian Pharmacy Graduates Association, Bengal branch.

The main focus of “GAPRS—2016” is to discuss about the current global trends and contemporary issues in multidisciplinary research arena. The scientific sessions of this seminar will highlight crucial research areas like Inflammation and chronic kidney disease (CKD), Modern approach for herbal drug development, Pharmaceutical innovations and impact on commercialization etc., says Dr. Abhijit Sengupta (Director & principal, GNIPST).


The dignitaries of the seminar were present Dr. Siddhartha Saran Ghosh (Assistant Professor, Dept. of Internal Medicine, Division of Nephrology, VCU Medical Centre, Richmond, Virginia, USA); Dr. Ashok Kumar Mitra (Consumer Product Development and Open Innovation Catalyst, Your Encore Lynchburg, Virginia, USA); Dr. Biswajit Mukherjee (Head of Department, Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, Jaddavpur University, Kolkata); Dr. Atul Kumar Nasa (All India President, IPGA), Mr. B C Mal (Vice- Chancellor, JIS University) and among others.

The thought behind organizing this seminar is to enable the students to be acquainted to the current global trends in multidisciplinary research and to inspire them to become researchers and entrepreneurs. This seminar aims to bring together researchers, practitioners and students to present the latest achievements and innovations in current research areas.


Ø  How important it is and what is the impact of advanced pharmaceutical research on micro and macro level


It is certainly safer to live in a world in which we have doctors who can cure infections and in which women are not very likely to die in childbirth. However, modern lifestyle is also responsible for generating many diseases like cardiovascular diseases, cancer, chronic kidney diseases now-a-days.

The role of Pharmacists is not only to care for patients or dispensing medications or monitoring patient health and progress to optimize their response to medication therapies. Their responsibility also lies in advanced research. With the development of molecular biology, the research at the micro level gives a more detailed insight about the mechanism of action of action of the xenobiotics.

The faculty members of GNIPST are involved in research areas like screening for novel anticancer and antidiabetic molecules, computer aided drug designing, cancer cell research, chronic inflammation, dosage form designing and evaluation etc. The faculty members have filed a total of eight patents. Research conducted by our faculty provides students with the opportunity to learn from faculty contributing to emerging trends in practice and science. Through programs in drug discovery and development, molecular mechanisms of disease, innovative pharmacy practice, and assessment of the impact of practice models on patient outcome, our faculty are engaged in meeting pressing needs of the society. There is an “Entrepreneurship Development Cell” and “Incubation Centre” in the institute that helps and encourages the students to start small scale production. Several pharmaceutical Aids have been developed at the Incubation Centre. The institute has started the process of setting up a “Drug Testing Laboratory” and the construction is on full swing.

This program will have a great impact on the research activity of the institute and this will give an impetus to the students to become an entrepreneur.

Ø  Technology in Clinical Study:


The research pharmacist can play a fundamental role in the way clinical trials are conducted and contribute in different forms in the research process. The pharmacist can use his or her expertise and collaborate directly on pharmaceutical aspects such as drug composition and supervising indications, dosage, administration, contraindications, adverse effects and interactions of investigational drugs (IDs). In addition, pharmacists can help to ensure the safety of human subjects and their rights, which are mainly protected by local Institutional Review Boards (IRBs). This program will enrich the delegates with the technology involved in clinical trials in detail.

Ø  Career Trajectory for Pharma Industry Researchers Globally or Nationally

Researchers who opt for industry will have many career options from bench research to drug development to marketing and business planning. The scenario is same both nationally and globally. The key to success is sincere in-depth research knowledge and ignition of new ideas.

Ø  How is the Seminar going to help Pharma Students and Industry in Future

This seminar will enrich the students studying Pharmacy with current global trends in multidisciplinary research and will inspire them to take up research and even entrepreneurs as their future profession. A lot of scopes are waiting for the Pharmaceutical researcher in Pharmaceutical industry and in Clinical trial studies.