Givori Unveils Sleek and Sophisticated iPhone 6 Designs for Men

givoriUnique ‘Phantom Black Platinum’ Design Adorns Apple’s Latest Smartphone with Exotic Leather and Rare Precious Metal


Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Luxury smartphone accessorizer, Givori, has launched its customized model of the iPhone 6.

Adorning Apple’s popular smartphone with rare precious metal and high-quality leather, Givori’s most recent release follows continuous demand for the high-end accessorizer to apply its sophisticated designs to the latest handsets.

The AED 13,700 Givori Phantom Black Platinum enwraps the iPhone 6 with black platinum, one of the rarest precious metals in the world. The back of the phone is made from the finest grade of Mississippiensis alligator leather, which has been uniquely treated with silver dust to give it a distinctly masculine metallic finish. Givori customisations are hand-crafted in Italy, and each handset is designed to be a master piece in its own rights.

The iPhone 6 model of the Givori Phantom Black Platinum is available at Harvey Nichols – Dubai, select Damas Les Exclusives jewellery boutiques, and axiom showrooms.

Phantom Black Platinum - Image I Phantom Black Platinum - Image IIAfter witnessing great success with the launch of previous iPhone models in Phantom Black Platinum, Givori has launched the iPhone 6 model of the design series, combining the allure and sophistication of elegant craftsmanship with the powerful performance of cutting-edge technology.

Expertly designed, all parts of the smartphone are coated with a nanotechnology film to combat oxidation, fingerprints and color fading.

All Givori products come with extensive post-sales support, including one year’s warranty on all software, cosmetic and jewellery elements. All repairs include a free pick-up and delivery service.

About Givori

Givori is a luxury accessorizor specializing in mobile art using high quality materials and products to create a fashion accessory targeting fashion conscious consumers. A piece of exquisite jewelry. A work of art. An extension of one’s self. Every phone is prepared and covered by hand. Each item requires hours of work, from the design idea to the meticulous positioning of each embellishment. The skilled design team draws on expertise from such varied fields as fine art, architecture, graphic design, jewelry and model-making.

Givori is committed to offering customers the best post-purchase assistance, made possible through its service guarantees.  Givori is the only brand of adorned phones that offers one year guarantee on the hardware as well as the cosmetic materials, with free unlimited door-to-door repair service.

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