Gems Akademia celebrates Children’s Day

GAIS final logo The feeling of being wanted / getting noticed – is of utmost importance to all human beings ,especially children .They long to be ‘recognized ‘ and appreciated . Children’s Day, celebrated all over India on 14th November every year, is an attempt to make our children feel special.

At GEMS Akademia International School, the teachers got together on the eve of Children’s Day and designed an afternoon of fun , music and dance for them . The whole afternoon was in the spirit of recognizing the importance of students in the lives of the teachers and the School .The teachers made every effort to make every child feel special .Dances, musical performances and even a skit was staged to entertain the young learners . The children felt loved and appreciated the efforts  their teachers had put in to entertain them  by filling the auditorium with cheers .

At GEMS Akademia International School the Management philosophy is ‘Student first’ – the school recognizes the importance of the well being of their students and  takes care every single day of the year to ensure a comfortable environment for the Akademians .The day starts with a ride to school in comfortable air conditioned school  buses. Evert student is picked from doorstep and dropped back at the end of the day .. The school busses are designed to ensure safety and comfort for the students travelling long distances..Believing that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body, the GEMS Akademia International School cafeteria serves nutritious food from different cuisines . The school ensures that every child  realizes his or her sports potential and to achieve this , a fully equipped indoor sports complex , Olympic standard swimming pool ,Cricket and Football fields are some of the school’s sports facilities . There is also a team of trained and experienced professionals mentoring the students on every sport .

Childrens day collage 1

At the GEMS Akademia International School ,every day is Children’s Day as the academic staff have a personalized approach to all the students . With a ratio of 1 :20, the teachers manage small groups of children to ensure full attention to every child . Trained professional teach the Akademians and they are assisted by Student Care Officers and Student Counsellors. For the Akademians, the teachers are not only academic guides but also friends and philosophers.

The school is working steadily towards providing an enriching academic program to its students to prepare them for success in today’s world